Beer-light Guidance
6/01/21 9:25AM

Yes, it has a shade but on a hot sunny day you have to keep it closed or you cook. To my understanding these cars have only a glass roof with no shade to close. Maybe they have an amazing tint or something but I just can’t imagine being comfortable without a shade available.

5/27/21 10:03AM

Except that it wouldn’t even be fun to drive. Even with a turbo it is still just a K-car wagon: the epitome of malaise era awful driving.

5/25/21 12:54PM

I also just do not understand the appeal of an all glass roof.  I have had a couple of vehicles with panoramic sunroofs and they are nice enough on the right days, but just miserable on a hot sunny day.  I can’t imagine trying to live with that and no way to avoid being blasted by the sun.

5/25/21 10:22AM

I recently had a similar non-automotive experience when I finally got around to replacing the bicycle I gave away about 12 years ago.  The old adage is correct that you do not forget how to ride a bike, but that does not mean that you jump right back in with the same level of skill. The first few rides have been a bit Read more

5/20/21 9:45AM

Of course you need another car. Everyone knows the optimal number of cars is (X + 1), where X = the number of cars you have right now.

5/17/21 3:10PM

I had an acquaintance who’s car had the same issue (you two and roughly everyone else with this car).  We used to refer to his car as Sammy Davis Jr. 

5/14/21 12:59PM

A camera isn’t even necessary. My 2010 Volvo sends me a warning message about the rear seat belts being in use without a passenger detected every time I go somewhere without my kids in their car seats. I would hope Tesla could keep up with 12+ year old technology.

4/30/21 9:49AM

One of my favorite podcasts is hosted by two British guys.  One episode they were talking about how neither of them can handle spicy food at all.  One of them indicated that they had recently learned what food was their upper limit of what they could stand.  That food: raw cabbage.

4/29/21 11:16AM

The audio recording of Armstrong trying to find a suitable landing spot on the moon while being told he has literally a few seconds of fuel left to land safely is truly awe inspiring for me. The complete and utter calm in his voice explaining why he is passing up yet another spot gives absolutely no indication of the Read more