Aug 8

Bitch, you broke into another person’s home and fucking shot him. The only thing that’s ‘reasonable’ here is seeing you put under the jail.

Aug 6

IMO, it’s to bring awareness to the plague of suicide/mental health sweeping the nation. Around the time Reckful took his own life, several other fairly big streamers also took their own lives. Read more

Aug 6

*Changes bookmark to the old version*

Whomever ok’d the new design really should rethink things. Good lord that’s a massive fustercluck.

Aug 6

It’s fucking awful!! but thank god for that latest tab!

Aug 4

Also poking at those who make false equivalencies or analogies for their own benefit (aka every Fox News host who screams White genocide because a conservative monument gets torn down).

Aug 4

Really? I read it immediately as making fun of white people who minimize the problems black people face (and are the majority of supporters for the anti-science GOP). 

Aug 4

It reads as a jab at dumbass white ladies to me, and how they will try to run other people’s lives

Aug 4

I thought The Boys was ok, but like much of Ennis’ work I just find it a bit too ‘try hard’ in terms of how edgy it is. The comics started to sicken me toward the end of the run. Read more

Aug 4

Boom. There’s your answer... 6:20, the exact moment that Jonathan Swan attempted to commit mental seppuku.

Jul 26

...and? Should people only protest for things that directly benefit themselves?

Jul 2

Just to note, at $60, if a game sells one million units, then it’ll make almost $60 million in revenue. If a game sells 5 million units, that’s over $300 million, not counting Special Editions or DLC or micro-transactions. Read more

Jun 29

Looking forward to reading the Executive Order cracking down on anti-conservative bias in video games or whatever this fucking idiot thinks is going to make it look like he still wins somehow.

Jun 23

Cards Against Humanity co-founder quits after ______ over _______