Jul 20

I have two DIT/DP friends who have worked on different sets with him. They both tell stories of how Kanye is absolutely on the spectrum and needs help he'll never get

Jun 22

That’s a shame, I was hoping that Mixer could turn into something interesting since Twitch is such a toxic cesspool 

Jun 5

Seriously what the hell is wrong with you mentally that you need to push an old man? Are cops that afraid for their lives? Police forces across the country need to be gutted and all these tattooed testosterone fueled man-babies need to be stripped of their badge, guns, and pensions 

May 11

The argument can be made that after the shooting tensions are bit high in Canada right now

May 6

Can we just have a story mode with all the DLC characters introduced? It would be a bloody fan-fic that makes no sense and I love it

May 1

To be fair, if he and his fanbase want to die from COVID-19 I just think that's natural selection making a comeback

Apr 7

Hopefully, “Look at all these smudges” white isn’t the only color it will come in at launch

Sep 30

I'm eagerly awaiting news to break that he called Canada for dirt on Elizabeth Warren's 23 and me results

Sep 12

Considering this is Australia we’re talking about are we absolutely certain that this creature is completely gone??