If it weren't lowered then I'd be terrified of it running on those tires. Read more

The classic Austin Mini's and Beetles were fun to watch rally. Read more

Is that hounds tooth interior? Read more

Why in the world did they let the dangerous SOB drive off instead of arresting him on the spot? That was ignorant. Read more

Dang the 2002 was sketchy when it started to step out. Read more

Thanks for this post. I'm laid up in a hospital bed and this was some of the best racing that I've seen in a while. No matter how dirty some of it was. Read more

I'm laying in a hospital bed recovering from a bad car accident that happened at the beginning of the month. I just laughed so hard that I caused some serious pain. Thanks for hurting the disabled with humor. Read more

I would seriously buy this if it were closer. My DD was just totaled out and I will need something practical to drive once I finish rehab. Read more

Thank God the C7 wasn't on the list. Read more

I listen to Hugo on a daily basis. Read more

My nugga, I love some King Pin. Read more

Well, watching him drive was like watching Vettel but without the any of the good stuff. Read more

I enjoyed this video editing and filming more than the Ken Block videos. I don't have an upset stomach nor have I had a seizure watching this one. Read more

Please tell me that I'm not the only one who doesn't like Will Ferrell. Read more

Sucks that you would be fined out the ass for driving like that now days. Read more

You from Shreveport/Bossier? Read more

I live in north Louisiana and this car is gonna be built not far from where I live. Read more