Mar 31 2018

Here’s the sad fact. When you go looking for today’s conservative thought leaders, this is who you find. Read more

Mar 31 2018

There are some points of view that are too abhorrent to entertain. This is one of them. What does it say about this guy he thinks this is a legitimate view of women and abortion? What does it say about the people who are willing to give him a platform to speak?

Mar 31 2018

I had to read the three time to understand that this was not about

Mar 25 2018

When one of your parents is an awful human being, it’s OK to say so out loud. See how that works Ivanka?

Mar 24 2018

I’ve always been stunned that so much damage was done in such a small amount of time. It actually makes the argument that the school officer should have stopped him ridiculous. How was the man supposed to locate the shooter in a multi story building in time to stop any of the carnage? It also makes the argument that Read more

Mar 20 2018

Why does there even have to be a result?! They are literally inanimate objects! Let people have their harmless kink, regardless of whether or not it results in something. Jesus effing Christ.

Mar 17 2018

Kennedy ended up looking like Trixie’s back-up dancer. It reminded me of when Kenya Michaels flailed about stage in her lip-sync against Latrice. It’s probably the second worst thing you can do in a lip-sync after taking off your wig - especially since it was a ballad. Trixie focused on the song and rightfully won on Read more

Mar 14 2018

Oh noes, now who will we turn to to purge Britain’s streets of vampires?

Mar 14 2018

He is pro-choice and won in a super conservative district. That warms my heart :).

Mar 14 2018

Conservative Democrats getting elected in conservative districts where previously there were ultra-conservative (or just radical) Republicans is still a win. Voting with you sometimes is better than voting with you never. Read more

Mar 14 2018

How is this going to help with trafficing at all? At this is going to is make trafficking go more underground. Men that want to see sex workers are still going to see them. Men that don’t care about trafficking victims are still not going to care about trafficking victims.

Mar 13 2018

They are now. Their actions now are showing they are. The point is, if a nazi came up to oh and said “I was wrong and now I want to help ‘your side’”, your only response should be “ok great.” Read more

Mar 13 2018

Don’t do this. Don’t pick apart non perfect allies when they do something good. Kudos to them for moving forward and helping the fight to equality. Not excusing anything they’ve done in the past, but they deserve a handshake for this one.