specifically about which way his chad hangs? Read more


I feel like the sentence structure makes him the bitch (I am admittedly not great at parsing sentences) Read more

My favorite was when they would ask “Is this ad relevant to you?” and I would click “no” because, well, I don’t have kids and it’s for toys and will never be able to afford a luxury car or whatever and then the very next break they show the exact same ad AGAIN! Why are you asking if it doesn’t really matter ?!?! Read more

Aw, them nuns was stank and getting cheated by a disreputable real estate agent. Katy saved those nuns. Read more

The nuns are dropping a single this fall. “I Fought the Maw and the Maw Won”

I know Joanna pointed that out but I feel it’s important to emphasis their unsportsmanlike conduct. Read more

One assumes because of Tim Burke’s calling them out.m:) (Also being arsed needs to be more widely used)! Read more

NBC are showing it now realizing they done fucked up. Read more

They most definitely would have skipped the second anthem had they actually shown the first one live. Read more

Argh, I once had a similar argument with a sailor who laughed about black recruits needing remedial swimming lessons. He had never considered that there are lots of communities without pools, so many people never have a chance to learn. Nooo, he assumed it was genetic. Read more

She’s really nice, did you see the way she swam over to Simone and embraced her. Got me a little tearful. Read more

After his little display of banging on the dock, shouting sieg heil, making a nazi salute, and then singing some kind of fascist song she said ‘We’re all very impressed. Take him down.’ (Take him down meaning take him back to the cells btw) Which is the most dead pan and condescending response possible and makes him Read more

“Bodies are weird.” - My doctor Read more

No joke. I do. I tell new dates that if things work out they can help choose a color :-) Read more

YES, YES, YES. People can absolutely have healthy, happy relationships w/ multiple people or just relationships where each partner is allowed to have sex with other people. I don’t think that’s a crazy novel revelation. But the generalization “people aren’t meant to be monogamous” is really a way of saying “I know I Read more

This is awesome. I hate when people pull the “humans are not supposed to be monogomous” card as a rationale for why their behavior is ok. Monogamy, non-monogamy- whatever works for you is fine, but it has to be open and honest or you’re just being an asshole.
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