Jubal Harshaw
Yesterday 7:54PM

Call me when I can buy the whole game (gonna be a while, I get it).

Yesterday 7:50PM

I guess the metaphor applies, but it’s weird to think of a May/December relationship when the younger person is 40.

Yesterday 2:18PM

The Black Widows were focused on spying and assassination. You’re not supposed to know about them. The Eternals were purposely staying hidden, and Captain Marvel went to the stars! (I get these are all pretty flimsy). Read more

Yesterday 2:14AM

Well, the whole “we know Ragnarok is coming in the form of a war with the Frost Giants, and we know we’re gonna lose” vibe of Norse mythology sounds right up Snder’s alley. Read more

Yesterday 2:12AM

I mean, I like Gal Gadot, Henry Cavil and Ben Affleck and that didn’t help with Justice League: For-fucking-ever (my title).

Wednesday 2:07PM

Going further, his actual, personal beliefs do not necessarily have any weight as to his effectiveness in the role of general counsel.

6/06/21 11:18AM

It’s not about Europe, it’s about different. Spanish, Italian, even Irish, have all had the “we don’t serve them/need not apply” signs directed toward them.

6/04/21 9:11PM

Fair enough. As I only vaguely remember the events from back then, I relied on the wording in the article.

6/04/21 1:11PM

You’re not wrong, but looking at the other cast decisions (Cate Blanchett is 52, for starters), they are either aging everyone up, or just aren’t paying attention to the source material.
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6/04/21 11:36AM

Right? For starters, they got someone other than Ashley Burch to play Tiny Tina, so it’s already doomed.

6/04/21 11:30AM

Just a guess, but I assume a fee for the referral link? Can’t think of another reason other than just lazy journalism (which I wouldn’t put past them).

6/04/21 4:02AM

I’ll grant this sounds shady, but I’m having trouble imagining anything remotely illegal about it. Nor what, if any, jurisdiction Congress might have over it. Read more