Jubal Harshaw
Saturday 6:21PM

Let’s just hope they BOTH got all their facts straight. Bundys can be confusing.

Saturday 4:25PM

The video is called “Diarrhea In The Pool.”  Isn’t that warning enough?

Saturday 1:20PM

Once they trot out the show, I bet it has a good run.  

Friday 4:55PM

Look, give them a break, they’ve tried nothing and are all out of ideas!

Friday 4:03PM

This is filed under “Great Job Internet”. If you don’t remember people constantly shitting on these types of posts since forever, I have to question how long you’ve been coming to this website.

Friday 12:51PM

Yeah but: here’s a documentary about “a small avalanche that killed some jamokes” is harder sell than a spoooooky mystery.

Friday 9:43AM

oliver’s show in particular is almost 1:1 the same as it’s ever been. 

Friday 12:47AM

I think it’s sufficient comic book logic that both words start with “mar.” Read more

Wednesday 1:41PM

Absolutely, hiring someone that was paid millions to sue the Department is smart.  He’ll have a unique view of the Department and its weaknesses Read more

Tuesday 4:27PM

Okay so here’s the thing: The ragequit was immature and could be chalked up to age...but defending it and refusing to apologize afterwards is what turns it in to bullshit. Read more

Tuesday 1:45PM

cut the teenager working the mic some slack, they’re just doing it how their manager taught them how. If it is such an issue, just say what size you want from the jump and save both of you the extra time.  Read more

Tuesday 1:33PM

Mike Myers is going to have a show on Netflix