Nov 3

Every single one of these endorsements you covered as shady as fuck. Here we are literal hours from finding out whether we pull our democracy back from the brink or allow it to fall head-long into full-on fascism...and we get this tired Mean Girls routine for the nth time. We’re a step away from the Handmaid’s Tale Read more

Nov 3

It’s like they are TRYING to increase turnout in Detroit. Black Detroiters aren’t going to be intimidated in their own damn city in their own damned convention center. They are lucky they escaped without some welts. Read more

Nov 3

Poll watching by partisan observers is a normal feature in United States elections that dates back to the 18th century and is subject to various state laws and local rules.
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Nov 2

She nailed Rule #1 of any great Beyonce medley tribute: Begin with Crazy in Love.

Nov 1

But is she, though? No right comes without restrictions or limitations as shown in Minnesota the other day where his reckless ass was forced to adhere to restrictions on gatherings for once during this pandemic.
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Oct 30

Maybe she shouldn’t be a Georgia’s junior Senator, then. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

Oct 30

There problem here is the wording. If there was both a constitutional amendment and a statute, and the amendment was struck down and the statute repealed, that would make sense.

Oct 27

“What we are trying to do with this small measure is to bring the Alabama Constitution into the 21st century and be more reflective of who we are as a state now,” Rep. Merika Coleman, one of the sponsors of the measure, told WRBL. Read more

Oct 26

So, the campaigns want to see if you’ve voted, that way they can stop using precious resources to turn you out to vote. If they can bank your vote early, that means they can use their resources to target and turnout other voters.
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Oct 25

ICE was formed on March 1, 2003. We lived before there was an ICE; we will live without one. ABOLISH ICE. Read more