Nick Cannon is a misguided, dirty dick community hoe with more money than sense. This man has chronic kidney disease, and auto-immune disease, and had COVID. Read more

It’s another grift. He knows he can’t win, but his donors don’t.  Read more

Some inevitably see it as one big example of “ethical polyamory”, right? Read more

DeSantis, who is younger and objectively better looking than Trump
Read more

We can hope Trump will be dead within three years…eliminating one goblin anyway… Read more

DeSantis is both pure evil and dumb as a bag of rocks, and therefore the magas love him. He’s even dumber than Donnie BoneSpur because he lacks BoneSpur’s survival instinct. BoneSpur is third-generation mobster (if you count his grandfather running a whorehouse in Canada). This battle should be very interesting even Read more

Ever since trump was generally banned from social media, his power has been diminishing like a slowly deflating balloon.  Read more

Nick Cannon is a jackass and everyone except The Root is well aware of it. Read more

Maybe the trumpy people will kill desantis and the hamburglar will choke to death on his big mac and all this will sort itself out. Read more

Because there’s no amount of goodwill you can build up with Trump that would ever lead him to choose not to go completely scorched earth on you for any perceived slight, and because ANYTHING other than constant, obsequious ass-kissing Trump will choose to perceive as a slight. And, man, you can glean everything you Read more


Yes because he’s the kind of “deep brotha” that likes the smell of his own farts. Thinks gay men are breaking up the black family unit while having 11 baby mothers, only dates light skin women while making everything about an agenda to water down the black race, and is kente cloth down all the time but can’t name a Read more

I think “at a certain point” was at least a couple kids ago. Read more

Hey, if you like it—we love it, Nick! Read more

I’m pretty sure it’s on purpose. Read more

Pookie and Ray-ray Voltron Nick Cannon is out here shooting up the club with four different IG models. Four different single mothers running four different broken single parent households with a single stretched thin part time father. Read more

I just find it weird that he chooses not to have children with Black women. Opting only for “ambiguous” appearing. Is that on purpose? But that’s just my opinion. Oh, well. Read more

Do we want more Nick Cannon ????? Read more

No, but it does shift the narrative.  All discussion and articles about her these past few days has been about how Costello lied and not so much about all of the awful things she has done.  She’s suddenly the victim of a smear campaign and it’s in her and his best interest to make sure the focus stays on that than on Read more