Bad Decision Betty
12/11/14 3:09AM

WORD TO THE LAST SENTENCE. Labour Rights?!?! Qu'est que c'est? Get out of here. That's only for market sectors (like Trades) that grew to be substantial BEFORE the labour revolution of the 20's /30's was quietly dissipated into Human Resources Management, who's only aim is to preclude workers from the thought of their Read more

8/09/14 2:29PM

Dude, I am a religious studies scholar, an agnostic, and I profess no creed. I am currently writing a Masters thesis in Religion & Science (yes, it is one program; and an increasingly popular one at that)'. Try to keep an open mind in the following: Read more

7/23/14 10:31PM

hahahahaha thank you for this. I love how they all rhyme. and omg was that gilbert gottfried?!

7/23/14 10:19PM

SKINNY. FUCKING. JEANS!!! The not-so-stretchy-type. Far more of an ungraceful effort than socks. I find it just causes me to giggle at myself rather than ruining sex though.

7/22/14 4:29PM

Those are the langurs! They are pretty cool. First time I saw one I thought it was a really old hairy dude or something (it was pretty far away). They are really lanky and sit like humans, leaning up against stuff and almost cross-legged. They seem super chill. Its the Rhesus monkeys that are the thieving assholes! Read more

7/18/14 4:18PM

PS I'm a chick hahaha. I'm just sorta dudelike I guess... I hope that doesn't now discount everything I've said :S OH GOD WHY DID I EVER EVEN OPEN MY BIG MOUTH.

7/18/14 4:14PM

HEY I'm not white. But thanks for that blind assumption. I'm just a curious cat! And I can do my own research, in fact I do lots of it because i'm in the middle of writing a masters thesis! But personally I KINDA LIKE IT when people ask me about my opinions on things that I know lots about. Maybe the whole point of Read more

7/18/14 4:07PM

Thank you! I thoroughly appreciate that you appreciate it haha. Maybe if we can continue talking about it, and let others talk about it, without getting super defensive right away we can eventually get somewhere. Here's to the future!

7/18/14 3:54PM

Ok your last statement is really bothering me— are you trolling ME?!?! Like for real?! Is anyone at all interested in mending bridges instead of burning them?! What a sad day its come to that genuine articulations for finding a solution to the divisiveness within Feminism is automatically considered 'trolling'. If Read more

7/18/14 3:31PM

?!?! What?! I'm not an MRA. What the hell man I'm just being super honest. Its like the opposite of trolling. I'M JUST ASKING A QUESTION! I'm not trolling you but I'm sorry to have offended you so I will google this stuff and cross my fingers that I educate myself in a way that will not offend you in the future! good Read more

7/18/14 3:26PM

isn't that how people end up getting things wrong? Just thought I'd try getting it from people who have personally strong opinions on the issue! Of course I can educate myself, but what is the harm in asking for help? I'm not sure why asking how one can be part of the solution is offensive.

7/18/14 3:14PM

Are there any resources you can point me to in terms of how to actually fix this identified fissure? I would happily read up on this. I have read "solidarity is for white women" of course and found it very illuminating! But still not really sure how to proceed. I'm not black, and I'm not white, but I'm a feminist, Read more

7/18/14 2:49PM

What makes you assume its only white feminists joining in the IDAGF in this case? There was no account of that distinction being made, you are making that distinction right now, out of pure assumption. BUT you don't have to give a fuck what I think! :) (but I'm not white ps. I don't like that saying that actually Read more

7/17/14 11:22PM

they could if they wanted to! That shit is eazy peezy hacking stuff now. I just had a laptop ruined due to a remote access virus. The light doesn't come on on the cam, and they can still be using your comp with the wifi port off and the laptop closed or in hibernation, its actually easier to access that way. I don't Read more