Bad Decision Betty
Sep 26 2016

Finding ways to get out of paying your taxes is more unpatriotic than taking a knee during the national anthem. At least Colin Kaepernick pays his fair share of the taxes that go to actually paying the troops and supplying them with the supplies they need.

May 2 2016

Before this thread gets totally overloaded with people (rightly) saying they would have died without a hospital birth/c-section, I want to say I had a home birth for my second child and it was bliss. BUT first time round I had a very scary birth where the midwife was trying to look after another woman at the same time Read more

Feb 28 2016

I’m black and I think that’s a really absurd way of thinking about the push for diversity. It’s incredibly limiting to think that each person should only fight for the success of and draw attention to the struggles of the group they belong to.

Feb 27 2016

I got Kanye once for about 3 weeks back in ‘07. My left arm has been in constant pain ever since. Apparently spending g that much time patting yourself on the back has at least some minor drawbacks.

Feb 26 2016

i wouldn’t say i’m surprised. jenner’s got $$$ and the one thing the republican party stands for before all else is rich people’s right to keep as much of their money as possible, while still benefiting from government services paid for by the taxes of the underclass. Read more

Feb 26 2016

Eh probably will look good on anyone, a little safe.

Nov 24 2015

Doesn’t matter. They give out a Nobel for economics every year. There are lots of Nobel-winning economists, but he specifically told her to go ask the one that is her husband. There is a whole long history of women not being allowed to do anything without the permission of their husbands. THAT is why this is a deeply Read more

Nov 24 2015

It’s specifically because he told her to consult her husband that it’s patronizing.

Nov 19 2015

That kind of stuff really can be so gray. At what point does it go from rape to convincing the other person to reluctantly go through with it? That’s why I like the idea of teaching people not to have sex without “enthusiastic consent” from the other person. If the other person is too drunk or too unsure to be Read more

Nov 12 2015

Yeah I’m not seeing what the issue is to get worked up about here. If it is that he didn’t cancel class, would perhaps the University who did not cancel classes in response to this threat not be the better focus of ire?

Nov 12 2015

Here is the entire message sent from the professor trying to DO HIS JOB. I guess before long there will be no professors or administrators on campus.
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Nov 10 2015

The god damn suits who run that abysmal channel need to bring back Stargate Universe for a proper final season.

Nov 9 2015

Except Wolfe hasn't done anything racist. He didn't utter any slurs, he even instituted diversity training! The beefs are that he didn't approach the protestors who were at the homecoming parade, and apparently wasn't "authentic enough" for them.

Nov 2 2015

Okay, but there are numerous creatives out there who could handle this in a manner more befitting the traditions of the show.

Mar 30 2015

"Man guys, being objectified is the worst. I totally identify and agree with women on that one. ... Redheads, though - amirite?"

Nov 9 2014

Hmmm. Not at my house today. Just a whole lot of sitting and staring at mess and grubby children.