Babou, Serpentine!
May 22 2019

I think it’s tricky to navigate this right now because, as a cis dude, I don’t want to take up space in a conversation where I’m not the person negatively affected by the bad policy. I think that it’s much more important to hear the voices of folks who are bearing the brunt of this, and I try to amplify their voices Read more

Feb 22 2019

I don’t think he’s still in the hospital but I love the mental image of him seeing this pop up on his small hospital tv and ripping out his IVs as he staggers to the door, yelling that he’s needed as the nurses try to restrain him.

Jan 7 2019

When I make charitable donations, (because I have learned to give when I receive a lot ...) Why doesn’t a major national media broadcast this? Read more

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Oct 10 2018

Hopefully she’s able to get away while his foot is stuck.

Aug 7 2018

I’m just impressed he got Russel Wilson to wear a Jameis Winston t-shirt. 

Aug 7 2018

When did they start installing turf in migrant children’s detention centers?

Aug 1 2018

Agree 100%. Do you know how many starving Chinese kids those two good dogs would feed???

Jun 28 2018

These are bold words coming from a man who looks like Stuart Little was cast in Entourage

Jun 21 2018

As a former controller for a very large non profit and current grant officer for the gov, the 20% rule... is not the best rule. Looking at the rate doesn’t really even tell you the impact of an organization, and different types of nonprofits have different rates. A charter school for out of school youth has a ton of Read more

Jun 21 2018

My Wife works at a local Not for Profit. It annoys her when funding sources only pay for programs (and they penalise those who try to Fudge figures to include overhead). It takes money to keep the lights on, buy photocopier paper, Pay salaries. She has a MBA in non profit admin - If she worked at for profit her salary Read more

Jun 21 2018

Thanks for this comment. We should judge charities by the proof they show of their programs’ impact, not how many bills they have to pay to make that impact.
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May 22 2018

Other Deadspin writers have been defending PFT Commenter for forever, I actually think she’s really brave to go after him!