Babou, Serpentine!
7/28/20 10:33PM

I work in marketing and this isn’t really new; companies like Merkle have long ago figured out to piece together multiple sources of data into one comprehensive picture.

5/15/20 7:37AM

It’s still very dark and horror inspired, it just incorporates elements of camp. Think stuff like Creepshow, Tales from the Crypt, Gwar, the Misfits, etc.

10/17/19 2:13PM

This just doesn’t seem like a big deal...MLB holds games in Japan, the NBA holds games in Mexico, the NFL holds games in Los Angeles; let leagues host games where they otherwise don’t belong, it’s harmless.

8/16/19 2:17PM

A prominent sports radio host went on a months-long Twitter rant where, every day, he would re-tweet a JuJu tweet and sarcastically comment, ‘This is what it’s all about’. What type of content was he hating on, you might ask? Visits to see sick children and help build homes for wounded veterans.

8/16/19 1:06PM

I work in fundraising, and it is not uncommon to refer to donations as an ‘investment’ (granted, I work for an organization that has a much more significant impact than fucking UL-Lafayette football).

6/13/19 11:37AM

They should have piggy backed off of THQs idea to make it a first-person brawler, that looked fun as hell.

5/22/19 3:42PM

This. I also share a similar sentiment when it comes to general, topical matters of feminism; it’s not that I don’t agree or don’t care, it’s that I feel like it isn’t my movement to champion. Yes to abortion rights, yes to equal pay, yes to more female representation, so on and so forth, but I don’t want to infringe Read more

5/01/19 2:31PM

What happens when this hypothetical Labor Party inevitably adopts and asserts conservative stances? The AFL-CIO isn’t exactly thrilled with the Green New Deal, and the working class isn’t exactly known for quickly adopting progressive social views.

5/01/19 1:29PM

I feel as if the on-going polarization of American politics is neutralizing any chance of labor once again being a strong political force. The fact of the matter is that the working class (especially the white working class) is not particularly progressive, and as progressive politics (particularly in regard to social Read more

3/28/19 11:56AM

In addition, ladies: you are welcome to ogle *my* butt. I’ve done many squats in order to make it ogle-able.

2/22/19 3:33PM

So in all earnestness, you don’t think the league should levy any sort of punishment for off-field issues? People like Ray Rice, Kareem Hunt, Jerry Richardson, and Robert Kraft should not be expunged or otherwise reprimanded? I certainly understand the logic behind that stance, but at the same time, ‘no one is Read more

2/07/19 11:51AM

Anyway, it’s super dope for the Speaker of the House to dismiss this as a “suggestion” and a “dream,”
Read more

1/25/19 1:05PM

How much of the pressure is self-inflicted, though? My time with Overwatch was spent almost entirely with QP and events, and I always had a blast. Competitive modes always bring out the worst in people IMO.

1/13/19 1:37PM

The only one I know of is people reading and completely misinterpreting the 990s for PCF and Doctors Without Borders (disclaimer: I work in the non-profit sector, and one of my biggest pet-peeves is when people read an organization’s 990 and draw wild, unfounded conclusions).

1/07/19 2:03PM

I mean dude, you have legitimate gripes, but this is a blog post about travel tips. Poor infrastructure and endemic racism/inequality are terrible, but they don’t really affect me if I’m visiting family for a week. I’m not going to get an ominously-named disease from kayaking in Mission Bay once a year. The burritos Read more

1/07/19 11:39AM

The development is called Liberty Station, but the actual entity is most certainly called ‘Liberty Public Market’ (see here, here, here, and here). If you are going to make oddly pedantic corrections, at least get it right. :)