Azure Lore - Hope Rides Alone
Nov 14 2018

Does it allow for multiple “files” via different accounts on the Switch like other games? My wife recently got into playing Pokemon Go and I thought she might like playing this as well (but I still want to play it too). 

Sep 11 2018

So it makes perfect sense that a photo of the president by New York Times veteran White House photographer Doug Mills captures Trump looking STOKED to be arriving at a memorial service for the victims of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania this morning:
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Sep 10 2018

I know that nerds who play sports is a big thing lately since all the kids who grew up in the time of it being okay to be a nerd are going into all walks of life, but who the fuck messes up the name of Bilbo’s weapon? 

Sep 5 2018

If tech companies were censoring Conservatives, Youtube never would have hosted his fucking god awful video propaganda for repealing net neutrality. 

Aug 17 2018

Oh, I’m sorry, the Flag Code is a “set of guidelines” and not “law”. Kind of like how a Dress Code is a set of guidelines and not law, huh? So this kid gets arrested for violating a set of guidelines, but the kid with the American Flag bandanna doesn’t. I’ma go out on a limb and guess American Flag-wearing kid was Read more

Aug 17 2018

I said, ‘what do you mean? That kid’s wearing a bandana.’ He says, ‘that’s the American flag.’ I said, ‘what’s the difference?’ She told me we can’t wear bandanas at all,” the 17-year-old said.
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Aug 16 2018

Yeah, how about we keep tabs on what the cops are doing what with the large number of executions they feel like performing in the middle of the street on a nearly daily basis?

Aug 16 2018

Everyone knows you store the files from your hacking job in a folder marked “Totally Not Hacking Related”. That way the Feds miss it entirely. 

Aug 16 2018

Another article I read said he lost 40% of his yearly income during the court battles on the way to the Supreme Court case. My guess is she went there to finish the job in destroying his life. 

Aug 16 2018

Please point out one person from “your team” (since this is apparently an us vs. them issue, where I’m presuming you’re basing the teams on political opinions) that got shafted where anything of value was lost.

Aug 14 2018

Lol, I understand. My argument used to be “hey, at least I didn’t do drugs in high school and end up in and out of jail like half the kids in my graduating class” but apparently that and having a steady job and wife and kid isn’t enough because I have a hobby that isn’t falling asleep on the sofa at 7pm watching Read more