Avery Jane Spencer
Jul 11 2017

These people are garbage. Also, I’m sure it’s against public policy to force someone to keep quiet about being the victim of a crime. Rob is the one that illegally shared her photos. He also spent a whole day calling her a whore and every other insult under the sun. I hope they don’t get a penny out of Chyna.

Aug 9 2016

I was sitting here watching an amazing You Tube video on adoption by Paul Sunderland so I could post about it on my Facebook page You Don’t Look Adopted (the name of my memoir) when my friend sent me the link to Shaaron’s article. I read it twice almost without breathing. It is so true and vital and important. It took Read more

Nov 7 2015

It’s such bullshit because these fucking orchestra dudes are NO strangers to groupies and having sex with gorgeous women. I”m sure Weezer could get some young ass if they wanted.

Nov 4 2015

This simply cannot be overstated. I’m not even really an “IT guy”, I’m a software developer, and yet I still get deluged with requests non-stop for literally anything that has a battery in it or can be plugged into a wall.

I just walked into my parent’s house a few weeks ago to have my sister drop an iPhone in my lap Read more