Andreas Jüngling
3:52 AM

Same here. You are so right. I am an aisle-booker myself, but on my last flight from the US home to Europe, i regretted it. The slightly broad-backed flight attendant managed to bump her hinds into my outer shoulder each and every single stinkin’ time she passed by. That last sentence is to be read aloud with clenched Read more

3:43 AM

Even though it’s been featured by Regular Car Reviews as well as this fine interwebs product, I have to say it’s Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN. It’s so diverse and interesting. Someone clearly has put a lot of love into it. And when you’re there: Go to the “work-in-progress-area” to the left side of the building. Read more

4:36 AM

The TSA folks in Denver were super nice when we stayed there this week. Kudos!

3:38 AM

I hereby renew my offer for you to drive my manual CDI E-Class. By the way: the omnipresent “Motor, Getriebe top” is usually the exporter’s criteria. You’ll find it in many cheap car offerings.

3:23 AM

I work for one of the largest German car mags and we are undergoing the same difficulties. The parent company was recently sold to a huge-ass U.S. investor who decided to cut objects loose that don’t generate enough income. Well, our magazine earns roughly 3 Mio. Euros per year and we do it with only four guys. It Read more

3:24 AM

The Scotty Kilmer Show. What else?
I believe that all other YouTube Channels are actually lying and that Scotty should be treated with more respect to his eternal wisdom. When you watch closely, you can see little drops of knowledge flinging from his lips as he talks.

3:19 AM

I actually drove by the area on the Autobahn that day and saw a little Trabi-Convoy heading that direction. Now I know why. Thank you, Jason!

10:41 AM

I had an E39 5 Series, a 520i (since I’m in Germany). Since all the straight-sixes produce so much ambient heat, many plastic components get fried over the years – as was my thermostat housing. The car used to cut out as soon as it hit operating temperature. As I (much later) found out: The Thermostat opened the Read more