Andreas Jüngling

Elantra all the way. I had one as a rental last year and even though it still was a 2018 model and as plain-jane as it gets, I loved it to bits. Sure it’s the typical an car, but I always liked the looks (even more before the 2020 model) and I managed to get into the high 40s mpg-wise, even though we went Read more

Jul 28

Jalopnik was the kind of car culture that we, kids growing up in an era where the concept of mobility was more becoming important than anything Motor Trend, Car & Driver, or Automobile ever could have said, cared about and wanted to read. We weren’t mad about the transformation of car culture around us, we just Read more

Jul 16

German guy here: Actually it’s “Knick” and not “Kink”. But it is not pronounced “Nick” but “cnick”. Like “click” only with an N after the C. :) Read more

Jul 7

It’s amazing to see how much he polarizes by himself. The pro-Trump-knuckleheads will love him even more while the rest of the world gets more apalled each and every day.

Jun 18

It’s also interesting, that almost every time, that latin letters are used in China, they opt for this peculiar serif-font that always looks slightly off.

May 23

It would be fine by me if they’d close. Renaults are absolute trash. I’ve worked as a German Auto Journalist for quite a few years now, and Renaults are always losing – and rightfully so. They are poorly built, they have terrible handling and suspensions, their transmissions feel like they’re ancient, the Read more

May 3

Now now Stef... Aren’t you lancing at Bill a little too hard here? Don’t you CVT that after all his daily at least HAS gears? Enough of the mitsubashing... I like my cars regular and a little bland. I am the guy that is so boring that he urges all of his American friends to bring him a can of Folgers coffee over to Read more

Mar 28

Great folks. Just great. I just finished my breakfast sandwich. I am not happy. It hurts a little. :(

Mar 24

Did you check if your specific car/date of production still falls into the chain-dilemma phase?
Additionally, I stumbled across a few 2.0's here in Germany that were used in some Audis that were driven by somebody’s wives. And they do have low end torque. But if you always drive them below 3000 rpm or so, they tend to Read more

Mar 22

Things you write from your home. Next week: “Hey, did you notice that table legs are awesome to keep tabletops from falling down?”

Mar 22

I’ve only visited Nashville once to visit the Lane.
One of the greatest things to me: The pick-what-you-want old car mag crate in the extra building where you can take old magazines with you and just put a donation in a tin can.