AutoBox, Roll Out!
Yesterday 9:19PM

Chrissy blocking Courtney Stodden on social media (and good for them for calling her out on it) is what really points to a lack of sincerity on Chrissy’s part, for me.

Yesterday 8:59PM

I mean, she blocked Stodden on social media and directed all her apologies to the public. Plus, even her most recent is all about her and her feelings and her process. why is it so hard to apologize without making the whole apology about herself? Like, I totally believe in second chances and benefit of the doubt, but Read more

Yesterday 3:56PM

I know life isn’t “one size fits all,” but... just lend your name to a car dealership or fast food joint, show up every once in a while to pick up a check and just chill.
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Yesterday 3:54PM

It’s awful that Odom feels the need to subject himself to this, but it might be good for boxers in the waning years of their careers.  Now instead of being fed to the next generation of talent and suffering awful abuse and a humiliating defeat they can bulk up their retirement by beating the shit out of a Youtuber or Read more

Yesterday 3:16PM

$10 says a white girl was sucking in a Juul not more that 20 yards from where this took place. Read more

Yesterday 2:09PM

I’m from Pennsylvania and ALSO do not approve of Ohio. 

Yesterday 1:51PM

They aren’t wrong. Replace “liberal” with “middle class” and you start to see the issue- “My taxes should only pay for my kid’s school rather than being distributed to improve the quality of schools in poorer neighborhoods”, and on and on and on.

The problem in this country is that right or left, mainstream Americans Read more

Yesterday 1:37PM

“I wanted to travel internationally, but then I realized that was still to close to goddamn Ohio. So I guess I have to go to space instead. It’s the only way I can be assured to not have to deal with anyone from .... wait a second ... this other astronaut is ALSO FROM FUCKING OHIO? I’m going for a (space) walk.”

Yesterday 1:35PM

The fear of losing the centrist liberal is just one of the things that Democratic leadership uses as an excuse to avoid enacting widely popular policies like universal healthcare... Read more

Yesterday 1:28PM

You forgot uneducated. Why do you think they throw a hissy any time free higher education gets even a mention?

Yesterday 1:19PM

How do you go from sunshine 24/7 CA to grey grey corn grey grey OH and not want to off yourself.

Yesterday 12:57PM

I maintain that Ohio produces some of the most astronauts simply because there’s nothing better to do in Ohio than to get the hell out of Ohio and go as far away as humanly possible

Yesterday 12:53PM

I’m from Ohio and I do not approve of Ohio. 

Yesterday 12:49PM

And the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services would have to “conduct an asset test for each SNAP recipient.”
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Yesterday 12:48PM

Roughly half this country has a complete lack of empathy. I’m both angry and sad.

Yesterday 12:24PM

“Right now white people are at the bottom of the heap for all the terrible things they’ve done over the years.” Read more