2/13/21 3:53PM

Probably owns and wears a lot of tactical style items/clothing, which has been delightfully labeled “tacticool” as a snarky insult. Read more

2/12/21 4:32PM

Justin, take your country-fried, appropriating, smarmy, flat ass, and have an entire Super Bowl’s worth of seats.

2/12/21 2:59PM

It is my opinion that the N-word doesn’t belong in a white person’s mouth, even if you’re reading Huck Finn out loud. We know better.

2/12/21 2:22PM

Maybe I’m misremembering but isn’t there just a child actor rule that *no* child on a TV/movie set is allowed alone in a room with a non parent/guardian adult? 

2/12/21 2:21PM

“As a Black person who has worked in multiple predominantly white environments, I can tell you that white people referencing the ghetto when speaking to or about Black people (especially Black subordinates) is common AF. It’s racism that doesn’t register as racism to willfully oblivious white people because, as long Read more

2/12/21 2:04PM

I feel like there’s a JT song that fits here. Something about crying and rivers...

2/12/21 1:58PM

It is still astounding to me (and a testament to the deep, deep misogyny of our culture), that Janet Jackson’s career was so profoundly impacted by that moment. This woman, who reigned as pop ROYALTY for the two preceding decades - and one split-second nip-slip took her down.

2/12/21 9:17AM

Since she and I are the same age, I can remember distinctly - her rise to becoming “famous for being famous” was early 2000's (when she was in her twenties) and would have been after her time in this residential program. And honestly, it makes so much sense now. The partying, the drugs, the sex tape -all the truly Read more

2/11/21 3:04AM

Having your 16 year old kidnapped at 2 am and hauled off without telling them wtf is going on is a shitty thing to do. Especially since there’s so much lasting evidence that she and others are scarred for life. That isn’t parenting. That’s foisting your child on others and washing your hands of any responsibilities Read more

2/10/21 6:16PM

It’s a little worrying that your a licensed psychologist but think that treatment like this is in any way beneficial. I’m really genuinely glad you’re not angry and it worked out for you, but that doesn’t in anyway redeem this inherently exploitative and unregulated treatment model.

2/10/21 3:54PM

I mean, the fact that your school was split between Georgia and Utah is kind of a red flag. Neither of those states is exactly known for its commitment to human rights. Read more

2/10/21 12:01PM

As a licensed psychologist you SHOULD know this is fucking abuse, period whatever you molded your life to become after the fact has nothing to do with the REALITY of it being abuse, secondly you turned out all right whoopdeedooo as a psychologist you SHOULD know how trauma affects and works on children and how it Read more

2/09/21 3:40PM

How do you have a good relationship with your parents after something like this?

3/01/20 1:38PM

These types of macro-aggressions are not thoughtless. They are not innocent “mistakes” nor are they hapless blunders. They are calculated strategies designed to break the spirits of Black and other students of color. The purveyors of white fuckery fail to take into account that we come from people who have made ways Read more

3/01/20 1:32PM

Mind you, there have been two recent reports of professors at the University of Oklahoma (not to be confused with Oklahoma Christian University... but still) coming under fire for either using the n-word or making ridiculous statements comparing its use to “Ok, boomer.” Read more