The Stig's Chamorro cousin (Chamorrovirus)

Not only that, but you have to have the doors open to even be able to cook on that pullout counter.

I’ve often said, the people who decry “equity” are those who feel like they have something to lose when others are given the same opportunities; in essence, their actions reveal their privilege. To those people “equality” seems to mean that we are all treated equally like shit; which is really a testament to how they Read more

Some people live in a different “real world”

Oh, I see, it’s an anti-Semitic thing. Great. For those browsing, that piece of bread up there has the subtle image of that old-school evil Jew caricature that you can Google if you really want to see it. I’m not going to ban you yet, may as well let other readers see who you are, and what this is about. Read more

It’s fucking weird is what it is

Fuckin’ boomer-grade boring-ass car collection, too. And he apparently has a giant blown-up photo of 9/11 on his wall... Is he... proud? of that moment in American history?

If a giant monkey with an ax fights a giant atomic fire breathing lizard, I will have gotten everything I expect out of this film.

In an unreported letter going to Biden Monday, Democratic Senators Alex Padilla and Dianne Feinstein called on Biden” Read more


B: Return to at least some level of a halfway “normal” life.

C: See my parents for the first time in 14 months

D: See friends whom I haven’t seen in a year

E: Don’t be terrified of going to the grocery store

F: Pull out my 1955 Mercury and drive all over the place

G: Take a solid, 2 week vacation, Ideally Read more

I qualified for the vaccine because I’m technically obese so thank you, Krispy Kreme, for making sure I qualify for the next one as well.

It doesn’t come with a shitter. The whole point of a camper is that I don’t want to use some horrible public park toilet, or risk winding up on the sex offender registry if a bunch of Girl Scouts walk into the woods while I’m contributing to nature. I’d rather buy a cheap minivan and use it to tow a rented pop-up. No Read more

“One probably also gets less than 21 miles of range when you take this thing off-road, but, again, that is not what this is for, though I would love to hear the results of someone who has tested the Wrangler 4xe in, say, Moab. Maybe at the very least you can turn it into some kind of party trick.” Read more

What’s the military equivalent of a pit bike? 😁

Note to self- no illegal activity around Tesla cars.  Thanks Chinese Government!

Think about a dedicated towny hot hatch. Maybe it only tops out at 85 but it gets there in 4 seconds. Maybe it only has 100 miles of range, but it does it with more smiles per mile. Read more

these companies need to get over their stupid shit about their own proprietary chargers...

It can’t be, because there are still cars with good visibility out there.  Tesla for one; I’ve driven the Models S, 3, and X and all of them had pretty great visibility.