The Stig's Chamorro cousin
1 hr ago

Of course it's for the clicks. His literal job is to tell stories on the internet. So if he just wrote "I bought a car, put it on a trailer, towed it home, and nothing eventful happened," nobody would read it. 

8:49 PM

I run solo at night and occasionally make a mistake. I’m sorry this error ruined your reading experience. 

7:45 PM

He needed front end sheetmetal and found it online. Probably found a nice hood that had been white but was painted yellow. Not dissing the guys but all this looks like it was done the cheapest way possible. Just one explanation..

7:39 PM

The sad thing is at this point the only attitude I have left is ‘good or bad I just can’t wait for this to be fucking over so it will be easier to ignore the people bitching about it’ which, even with the prequels, is never a point I thought I’d hit with Star Wars.

12:40 PM

I’d rather drive 200 miles continuously with the peace of mind that I’ll always get 200 than have 400 degrade to 200 over time. I could foresee myself getting stranded often if I followed that higher expectancy of range. Read more

12:31 PM

Around here every damn taco truck is not a artisan gourmet food truck and $3.75 for one taco.  I miss real taco trucks - that’s why I support impeachment.

10:27 AM

Am I going to be the only one who thinks this guy is a moron doing this on public roads? Especially a burnout and hitting the nitrous on a road lined with peoples personal cars. Or damaging speed bumps in a retailers parking lot. That and I just cant stand his presentation in general.

6:52 PM

Bluetooth >>> aux plug. Too many phones are doing away with 3.5mm jacks now (inb4 “then don’t buy one that doesn’t have an aux jack!!!” - that’s missing the point). I’m absolutely a fan of keeping cars as analog as possible, but getting a newer car with bluetooth was great and is one of the few modern features I see Read more

12:14 PM

yea doesnt everyone know that news spreads itself around and that every single person is scanning the entire internet every second for every car article ever made and then reading about them all.... Read more

12:04 PM

An easy way is to think of fuel mileage for anyone who has towed before. I take my car to a track once a year that’s about 4-5 hours away. The truck with no trailer usually gets maybe 16-20 mpg on the highway depending on the conditions at the time. Put an 8.5' x 20' wind brake behind it (it’s a V-nose, but still not Read more

8:11 PM

Every time one of you guys try to come up with an overly exaggerated woke inclusivity pitch as a joke or a take down you invariably wind up describing something that sounds a hundred times more interesting than anything currently on television. 

6:30 PM

Why not make both? This is what I don't understand about the people who are mad about the Mach-E. They're not discontinuing the Mustang. Since when is more choice a bad thing?

3:05 PM

I am glad that this happened now, rather than earlier. I am a ROF (Retired Old Fart) whose earliest car magazine memory is of buying an issue of the October 1960 Motor Trend. I have always been a mostly paper-based person but, a few months ago, I decided to stop renewing my car magazine subscriptions because I am a Read more