The Stig's Chamorro cousin (Chamorrovirus)

That Transit … clearly designed by someone who has never actually cooked outside.  Your sleeping area is going to smell like the back of a McDonald’s in about 4 days.

That choke point is because of the “temporary” entrance set up for Covid vaccine distribution. That’s where I got stabbed (both times). Read more

Yeah - I’m married to a psychologist, and while “unhinged” may not be fair, he very much fits into antisocial personality disorder characterization.

Sorry about the cat. We had to put down our 13yo dog in December and it was emotionally crippling for the kids. Adopted a rescue 2 months ago and he is the best thing that ever happened to us.

Musk is an unhinged sociopath. But do we really need to make associations to him being nothing more than a used car salesman? Is “unhinged sociopath” not enough? Read more

Endgame offers a pretty rich, if short, version of what life looked like during the Blip. It’s bleak. Natasha basically reduced to hermit status, eating PB&Js while looking for her best friend, who went on a globe-trotting bad-guy murder spree because his entire family was snapped out of existence, while Cap took Read more

I’m hoping that this is the first phase of eliminating dealers entirely. If you have regional distribution + online ordering, you don’t need dealers for anything besides service. Which EVs need a lot less of compared to their ICE counterparts.

It doesn’t seem to be doing anything wrong, per se. But the fact that the vehicle would make a different decision than me, and the rest of my body wouldn’t be prepared for the acceleration and turn, would likely result in frustration. And nausea.

That’s exactly the thing - it’s ideal for use in off-road situations, and it’s great for around town use. Read more

I very much want an electric roadster.  Please, Porsche.  Call it the 914e to really make people’s heads explode.

There’s precedent here in the construction and farming industries, but it seems deeply irritating as a consumer if I purchase the vehicle. Read more

Exactly. I would actually be surprised (and, as an American, angry) if the US military allows camera-equipped vehicles to sensitive areas behind the gate. Read more

37 miles of electric range is literally perfect for me. My office, you know, the place I went to during the day in the Before Times, is 35 miles away, and we have chargers on-site.

Get a network functional between SF and Yellowstone, SF and Moab, and SF north to Bend, and I’m going to have a really hard time not committing. Read more

Exactly.  I don’t need (or even want) top speed, but having the blood rush from my brain from the acceleration is addictive.  The extremely low CG of a BEV hot hatch and the packaging benefits you could get would be amazing.  Hell, you could even make it RWD without sacrificing usability.  And I bet with recent Read more

Electrify the hot hatch market, immediately.  Get us an R-spec ID3 in the US, please VW?

Totally agree.  If the Oligarch that bought it was smart, he’d go all-in on naming the track after her.

In that price range, options are basically limited to what’s already listed here + eGolf, Focus electric, maybe a Bolt (?), but you’re definitely priced out of Tesla and other brands. Read more