The Stig's Chamorro cousin (Chamorrovirus)
Jul 8

One of the things I love about rally is the sound, but I am super excited to see how this plays out. You can dramatically lower the CG, have ridiculous torque at low RPM, and to your point the battery pack doesn’t need to be enormous. Read more

Jul 2

Put “I’m with Hillary” bumper stickers on all of them, drive (?? is this even possible) them all to the next Trump rally and leave parked, then collect insurance and buy a couple of decent cars.  (except I do genuinely want to love the F150 ... but the rust, man) Read more

Jul 1

Not sure why but they are always 2 MY’s behind on CARB compliance. You can get a Gen3 SC from them that’s CARB compliant, but only through MY17.  When I emailed with them a year or so ago, they said it was “the availability of the BullyDog tune and CARB compliance” that was the holdup, but since BullyDog doesn’t Read more