The Stig's Chamorro cousin
8:55 PM

This would be a holy grail-ish target market for hydrogen fuel cell.  Seaplanes ... maybe not so much, but general aviation - definitely.

1:12 PM

This. I am genuinely puzzled why people are confused. My truck gets 18mpg highway. Putting a modest amount of weight (say 5k combined) on the trailer brings it to 10mpg if I’m being conservative. I haven’t towed its max capacity, but have to imagine that it would drop much further. My neighbor (with an F350) says his Read more

1:17 PM

I’ve never understood the strategy of “the startup”, even though I’ve spent most of my career in and around it. To me, it has often seemed like a non-strategy; a place where enthusiastic people throw billions of dollars of spaghetti at the wall. And sometimes billions of dollars of ads at Facebook. Read more

8:05 PM

I had a ‘73 914 with a dogleg 5-sp and loved it. But yes, for fun tried to start in 2nd gear to start and it was abysmal ... and this was with double the power.