Alcoholic Synonymous
Today 12:44PM

This is a pretty common Cuban method for preparing bread, though you’d typically use thick slices of Cuban (or French or Italian) bread as opposed to pre-sliced loaf bread, and olive oil.

Today 12:38PM

Pretty sure that’s fried bread, not toast, and it’s part of an English breakfast. I only did it once, decided to go back to toast. It’s a bit much with the bacon, banger, egg and beans as well.

Today 10:53AM

I worked for a supplier for Subway back in the mid nineties. Fred’s goal was to make a million dollars for each year he was old every year and he didnt think too much about what he needed to do that, 

Today 9:09AM

She also refused to apologize for comparing Democrats to Nazis because Democrats are “socialists” and the actual name of the Nazi party has the word “socialist” in it.  However, if there is one thing that Democrats actually have in common with Nazis, it’s that neither are actually socialists.  Meanwhile, Israel was Read more

Today 6:33AM

Republican politics lately have been blunt, brazen and straightforward, and noone seems to have any idea how to deal with that. They don’t *need* to play 4-dimensional chess, because what they’re doing has been working great for years.

Yesterday 7:18PM

If there’s one thing I think mass media needs to stop doing, it’s portraying Bitch McConnell as some sort of political player. He’s not playing 25-sided chess, he’s a more nihilistic lucy with the football. Saying something like it’s true, even though it contradicts his own words is not political masterclass. Read more

Yesterday 6:12PM

Can everyone PLEASE calm down? I think you’re all exaggerating a bit. Joe Manchin is here to return stability and bipartisan friendship along with Arizona GirlBoss Sinema (slay, queen!!). We have nothing to worry about.

Yesterday 5:53PM

I feel like these leggings are not crotchless. Crotchless to me says that they are open at the crotch, so that maybe you could easily engage in some vaginal penetration without taking the leggings off. I get what I think they are saying when they call them crotchless, but it is not how I am used to hearing the word Read more

Yesterday 2:57PM

I don’t have air conditioning either, but at least when it gets too hot I’m free to take steps to cool off. One thing the piece doesn’t discuss is that excessive heat brings more violence. It’s true enough in my neighborhood, so I’m sure it’s true in the prison yard. I would think it would be in the best interests of Read more

Yesterday 2:45PM

Ah, the usual pseudo-psychology by people indistinguishable in their outlook on the world from those you claim you despise. And yet, you believe every bit the same that cruelty is perfectly excusable if you just have the right(TM) reasons. You know who else thinks so? Those you pretend you have a moral high ground Read more

Yesterday 12:03PM

Make a poll. Pretty sure a strong majority will still say “Cruelty is a vice”.

Yesterday 11:53AM

Or, say, folks doing time for selling weed as VC firms open up dispensaries country wide.

Yesterday 11:52AM

They’re not sociopaths.  I understand why you say that, but I think it’s important not to pathologize this.  These are normal people who actually believe this shit.  They have empathy for things they want to have empathy for.  They’re just shitty people.  It’s not a mental illness.  It’s garden-variety shittiness. 

Yesterday 11:49AM

Jesus.  I just can’t handle this country sometimes.  Most of the time.

Yesterday 9:24AM

kinda amazed he didn’t break down the ratio of black vs non-black people in prisons because I can’t help thinking that’s the real cause of the apathy here (especially in places like TX or LA or FL). Read more