Alcoholic Synonymous
Thursday 11:57PM

It’s a work night, so I’ll have to drink my usual: Redd’s Wicked Apple / Black Cherry.

Thursday 11:50PM

100% agreed; Windows 2000 Pro was absolutely the best version of Windows Microsoft ever created, and I’d be ecstatic if they could apply that UX over the current system. No frills, no bullshit, and absolutely everything was exactly where it belonged.

Thursday 11:47PM

From what I’ve read, this is still going to be Windows 10, just with a massive face-lift and a bunch of new features.

Thursday 11:37PM

People that want to spend $120k on a King Ranch, even though they’d never use it for work, and would rather buy a GM product, so they’ll get the off-road package despite that the closest thing to off-roading they’ll be doing is barking curbs at the Soopers. :/

Thursday 12:10AM

Nah, man! Trees provide shade, so what we need to do is cut down all the trees and launch them into orbit. Think, there’d be shade everywhere! The desert, the ocean, everywhere!

Thursday 12:09AM

Katie’s idea was to actually get Gohmert to give that budget to the NFS, which they could then spend on shit they actually need to do. ;)

Thursday 12:07AM

If we raked the moon fast enough, it would spin slower and change trajectory. Jesus, do you not science at all?! DUH!

Wednesday 11:43PM

They’ve been expanding like crazy over the past two decades, which is why when the pandemic hit, every other major chain saw a modest increase in year-to-year sales of 5 - 10%, but Subway lost 40% of sales in that same period...despite already having things like curbside and contactless pickup in-motion when Read more

Wednesday 11:32PM

No, but according to their official training, the bread absolutely must be underproofed and burned.

Wednesday 11:28PM

They’ve already sent an open-letter to Subway, which I’m guessing is how they’re planning on getting the lawsuit going.

Wednesday 3:06PM

Honestly? From my understanding, Subway’s been nickel-and-diming franchisees from the get-go. It’s always basically been a pyramid scheme, but with sandwiches instead of make-up. My dad thought about buying one from a crackhead about 20 years ago, but he scoffed at all the ridiculous and inane clauses in the contracts. Read more

Wednesday 2:12PM

Right? I’ve been using HBOMax for about a month and, aside from the occasional “Something Went Wrong” error, haven’t had any trouble whatsoever.

Wednesday 1:21PM

Technically, Subway employees are really only supposed to ask one question per station, otherwise it irritates the customer. It annoys the shit out of me if I hear a coworker ask if they want deluxe or double-meat unless the customer asks for “extra meat.”

Wednesday 10:44AM

Really? We don’t really care...even had one dumbass rifle through the chips while staring at me, as though they were being incredibly clever or something. Read more

Wednesday 10:39AM

Eh, left my last job because of the pandemic and took whatever I could get...I’m in management, at least? lol

Wednesday 2:04AM

Agreed, but let’s remember that rare doesn’t necessarily mean desirable. Me and my dad used to do restomods for a living, and I remember finding a fairly-solid ‘64 Fury on CL for something like $1,500. Read more