wait what did will ferrell do? Read more

this reminds me of a George Carlin bit about soldiers with PTSD...“maybe if we cut the bullshit and call it “shell shocked”, they’ll get the help they deserve” Read more

I’m sorry, has nobody on the internet seen Big Daddy? Read more

I am absolutely heartbroken by the death of Ralphie May. He seemed like such a genuinely nice and happy person, and he left a wife and daughter behind. May he Rest In Peace :( Read more

Really?! I genuinely enjoyed BCO, I even follow him on twitter still...what did he do? :/ Read more

She is a lovely person. I guess she’s a main character on a CW (I think..?) show that a friend of mine who was visiting me from FL is a fan of. She (friend) saw this actress on the subway and approached her, and she was SO friendly and gracious about it. She even went out of her way to acknowledge me and I had no idea Read more

My grandmother fell and broke her hip while living in this nursing home, and later died at the hospital post-operatively. That hospital is shit and the nursing home is shit. Read more

I mean...Katya from Drag Race is *absolutely* a low-key member of the fb group Fire Walk with Memes. Stranger things have happened... Read more

YES. I’ve been saying this for years. Read more

He probably literally thinks he can put on a glove and wave and get out of any charges thrown at him whether or not those charges involve wearing a glove in any way, shape or form.. That’s probably just how he understands the legal system. Read more

wait for the love of god is Hott Fuzz considered retro? Did someone misplace my subscription to AARP magazine? Read more

Please sir, with gratitude, take this star for Dark Place. Alice Lowe is a treasure. Read more

I absolutely agree. I’m a south Florida native currently living in Brooklyn and watching this storm closely as my whole family is in Miami and Boca. I’ve been thoroughly impressed by his response. Read more

Look up “New in Town” on Netflix. You’re doing yourself a disservice not knowing John Mulaney. Read more

Can we talk about how that ad was basically the fourth season of the mighty boosh? Read more