8/22/18 11:25AM

I don’t use it a lot in cooking so I don’t know if it helps me or not, but it is amazing on my skin. I’ve always had issues with my skin, from eczema to lichen amyloidosis. After years of regular doctor visits & prescriptions, I tried just using unrefined coconut oil on my skin twice a day and within 6 months my skin Read more

10/30/17 5:20PM

You left a dirty dish that had milk in it in a sink on your last day? Ghost or no ghost, dick move.

5/18/17 4:20PM

I’m sorry but THIS IS A PIECE OF GARBAGE and we should burn this site and ALL THE EDITORS to the ground because this is a serious feministic organization and we must endorse the true struggle. Like, I saw a woman earlier today who was sweating outside. Outside. There was sweat. All over her brow. It was hot, sure, but Read more

3/31/17 5:45PM

I mean, that depends on you and what you like in the bedroom. I know women whose panties would’ve been flooded after reading that. I also know women that would never talk to him again after reading that. He should’ve figured that out before going there. The fact that he didn’t is a little concerning. Follow your Read more

3/31/17 3:26PM

Rumor has it the cheerleaders were also part of a pyramid scheme.

5/03/16 3:33PM

maybe they can just be people again? With either ‘victim’ or ‘survivor’ the word is about the person and not the event, which on some level assumes that event has changed the person, has moved them into some new sort of category. Maybe we can avoid forcing them into a new category and instead speak of the events as Read more

11/20/15 3:48PM

I just want to say I saw Fabio in the Aquatics section of Petco in Studio City on Sunday and DAMN that man is fine. He even had his shirt open a few buttons too many so I could behold the hint of his abs. I died.

10/28/15 6:00PM

black kids are executed for the crime of holding toy guns at a playground or in a toy store. Read more

9/29/15 4:01PM

This is a labrador thing? My friend’s labrador has almost died twice (although this dog is nowhere near smart enough to open cupboards on his own): once after his girlfriend forgot to lock the dog’s food cupboard, and the second time when the cat unlocked the cupboard and was found watching the dog’s bloated, heaving Read more

9/15/15 4:58PM

That’s what it seems like. Like some people were only upset when larger media outlets started sharing. Which had nothing to do with her..

9/15/15 4:30PM

I see zero wrong with what she does. She’s showing her work off. What a big to-do!

9/02/15 6:57PM

One of my favorite things about him is that he is such a dork. You know he embarrasses the crap out of his teenage girls. heh. Just as a dad should.
Read more

5/01/15 11:13PM

Thanks! Whenever I post one of these incredibly long-winded, personal anecdotes of interest only to me I’m always afraid the commentariat will be like, “Oh God, shut up already.” But I love reading everyone else’s stories so I figure I’m not alone. Read more