This is one decision that confuses me about the games, why translate his name to English in the first place? Geralt is the Polish equivalent of Gerald and they didn’t feel the need to put that in English, but they decided they needed to translate Jaskier to English, but also that the literal translation (Buttercup) Read more

Glad you’re enjoying it! Connection seemed to be inconsistent after the first day or two of week one. I got the same vibe from the shotguns, so I honestly can’t say I used them much by the end of it. I’ll give them another go this weekend though. I heard a lot of people say the mp5 felt great for them, but mp5 felt Read more

You people that constantly cry about him being a "nazi" have no idea what you are talking about. He has never once said anything bad about jews or any other group of people. Watch his videos and see for yourself instead of letting the media do your thinking for you. And i think its worth pointing out, that outfit he Read more

Ah yes, because anyone slightly critical of liberal media is a nazi. Anyone that makes dark jokes is a nazi. Makes sense to me. Read more

You really have a warped fucking view of what Nazis are. The truth is, you have no clue. He is not a nazi, I don’t know how else to say it. Implying that he is a piece of shit all the time is easily disprovable. Watch some of his videos, and not the cherry picked ones. I know you love cherry picking, but just try to Read more

You don’t get an award or recognition for sometimes behaving like normal people do.
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Right, cause he has full control over what people do using his name... Read more

Other than the hair (does that even count?) that looks absolutely nothing like Scarlett Johansson. Every single feature feels “off”. Don’t get me wrong, the creator is obviously very talented, but this model bears little resemblance to Black Widow.
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Now all I need is a 3D printer and the file...

Injustice and the current MK series are if nothing else great for their stories. Thank you, NeatherRealm.  Read more

My only complaint is it that it’s so short and there isn’t more of it.
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When another beachgoer came to Vieira’s aid, Read more

Try Deep Rock Galactic, infinite replay-ability with the randomly generated levels, instead of speed running the same levels constantly. Read more

Ha! I only ever had time to play this game on saturday so I never even saw them.
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Man, I loved 12. It is a bit dryer thtan other entries though, so I can see why some didn't care for it. Read more

I’ve found that there were 3 types of FF players back in the day: 1. In it for the plot. 2. In it for the gameplay. 3. In it to say they played/beat it. Read more