Maybe that also was the connection playing tricks on you. :) Read more

I really have to try this realism mode. I was just playing core modes for the time I had to play the game.

The first beta-weekend felt really laggy for some reason. Or maybe it was that there was something wrong with shotguns in general. Because shotguns had like a 50/50 chance to be a hitmarker rather than a kill. Read more

Not gonna lie, this looks FREAKING AWESOME! Read more

The problem with that statement is that he’s never been a “Nazi skidmark”. Yeah sure he’s done some crude jokes for sure, and he might have people who following him who are. But that doesn’t make someone into a Nazi.  Read more

Well it’s not surprise people think of him like this, if these are the only videos media does talk about Pewdiepie. Read more

I didn’t play when they were released either. But that doesn’t really fix the problems I have with the atleast first three games. :) Read more

Well I dislike Uncharted games, and I love adventure games like that. But in Uncharted they just do everything SLIGHTLY wrong, so the game feels really unsatisfying to play. Read more

Just wanna say, man Resident Evil 2 is sucha fiiiiine game.  Read more

Vermentide 2 imo the best one out of Left4Dead bunch atm.  Read more

I guess I’m for the 1 and 2. And then comes in the 3rd. So am all three... if the game is worth my time.  Read more

When you started off “This is my dream”, I thought you meant it other way around for some reason... :D Read more

For me that game was where I stopped caring about FF series. I played through the first dungeon and decided this game isn’t for me.  Read more

I really liked the FFX. But yeah the FFX-2 was complete crap. And so was FF12, decided not to play the games after that.  Read more

Well you are right that everyone is entitled to do as they wish. But depends on context if it’s racism or not and this isn’t. And I wish they could see that, instead of letting their emotions guide them into place of hate, instead of understanding at her.  Read more

Ohhh... sounds pretty complex. Nice system tho. I use vouchers too, you never know when the PS security is going to wet itself. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Read more