Friday 1:05AM

Based on the latest trailer, any influences Martin may have had seem minimal at best. The lore and terminology used in the E3 trailer was standard Miyazaki proper noun nonsense.

Thursday 4:33PM

I’m honestly surprised Forza Horizon was the most anticipated game considering racing is typically a more niche genre (despite the Horizon line being the more accessible side of the series). Read more

Thursday 2:51PM

Nintendo gets away with a lot based on sheer goodwill alone. Imagine if any other publishers tried pulling the shit they do and people would flip, but with Nintendo people just chuckle to themselves and go "oh it's just Nintendo being Nintendo".

Wednesday 8:02PM

Pretty sure most MS games are still coming to Steam. Halo Infinite already has a preorder page on Steam.

Wednesday 8:00PM

I mean Street Fighter used to be on basically every console and Sony turned it into a PS exclusive. Same with the Spiderman games. The MLB games have also been PS exclusives up until very recently, and only cause the MLB organization forced them to open it up.

6/14/21 9:28PM

I can’t be the only one who assumed that this was The Last Night when the footage first aired right?

6/13/21 11:49PM

I thought for sure it was going to be The Last Night right up until the title card popped up.

6/13/21 2:25PM

I’ll be amazed if this actually ends up coming out. All the reports about the BTS at the studio did not paint an optimistic picture.

6/10/21 6:17PM

Who wants to bet Martin has minimal input on this game and his name is just being used for marketing purposes?

6/03/21 5:28PM

This just made me realize that the MS & Bethesda conferences are now merged.

6/01/21 8:45PM

This is incredibly exciting to see some competition to Nvidia’s GPU’s on the feature set side of things, which is something that AMD’s lineup of cards has always lagged behind in. Read more

6/01/21 6:35PM

Cool, I look forward to seeing these in stock in 5 years.

5/28/21 5:43PM

I’m hoping this game introduces some new gameplay mechanics and story progression beyond what the previous games tried. Read more

5/26/21 8:22PM

It’s really weird that Outriders isn’t a live service game, yet continually runs into issues that you would normally only associate with live service titles.

5/24/21 11:41PM

I’ve never felt the need to buy any skins mostly because they’re all so terrible. I know tastes are subjective, but this game has some of the worst premium skins I’ve ever seen. Read more