3:51 PM

So much this. EA is the only one being impacted here, and it’s only among people like us that read sites like Kotaku. Just so happens most of us already dislike EA. Disney doesn’t care about EA’s negative reputation with our particular demo. They only care about the mainstream.

5:46 PM

I’m surprised that it wasn’t a spaceship only spinoff.  You know... like X-Wing/TIE fighter kinda of game... That EVERYONE wants... cause that would seem exactly like the type of game that would get cancelled.

3:05 AM

I mean I’d be annoyed if I lost my console and had no way to restore my saves - with the Switch being a portable console, the odds of this increase. 

4:55 PM

Bungie made it clear that they were listening to criticism from season of undying in their updates, but also made it clear that it was too late in the season of dawn dev cycle to take many of those criticisms into account. That being said, season of dawn is MUCH better than undying. Yes, eververse still needs fixed, Read more

4:46 PM

Can’t we just accept by now that Destiny die-hards will never be satisfied with any decision that Bungie will ever make?

12:30 PM

The other thing is that if Bungie had a secret 3rd exotic as the reward for Corridors of Time, it would have been found by dataminers beforehand anyway.

I mean, dataminers found The Dawning’s Amenstia-S2 ship with the lore entry about Uldren Sov post-resurrection, 4 or 5 days before this past year’s Dawning event even Read more

12:21 PM

The main issue Bungie has right now is messaging. As their community manager mentioned on Twitter, if they don’t put a weapon on their roadmap, the roadmap looks bare; if they do put it on there, people are disappointed when a secret quest ends up rewarding something we already knew about. Read more

12:42 PM

To be fair, that’s a 20% discount which, while isn’t terribly impressive, isn’t too bad. The real problem is why the Pro Controller MSRPs for $70.

To be fair, that’s a 20% discount which, while isn’t terribly impressive, isn’t too bad. The real problem is why the

4:48 PM

You can sort your games alphabetically, by recently played, by file size, by console (Xbox OG, Xbox 360, Xbox One), by Xbox One X enhanced, and a few more I believe. So I’d say that’s loads better than the Switch. It’s easy to find stuff in the store too.

3:04 PM

I only have 1 question: Does this mean Osiris replaces Brother Vance on Mercury?

Also, finally, some good Warlock armor!

11:14 AM

“do a lot of bullshit that other devs cant get away with”

Nah Im pretty confident that this is a fact. Is Activision put out Call of Duty Alpha & Omega each with slightly different campaigns and multiplayer exclusive guns, they’d be crucified online. x 

11:08 AM

This is kind of what annoys me about this whole thing. The whole Dexit rage is overblown for sure, but also, there’s a lot to be disappointed with in GameFreak.

They’ve been lazy developers for the longest time, and you’re spot on with them borking their future-proofing. Some of their decisions are so obviously aimed Read more

10:28 AM

Look you can love whatever game you want. Ive always held the opinion that other people’s negative opinions on things I like can shove it. Read more

1:44 PM

The headline is a bit misleading: This list gives a lot of weight to importance, rather than just quality. Black Panther and Wonder Woman are important in ways that Ragnarok is not.

Considered in that light, I think this list is excellent. It does need a tweaked headline, though. :)

12:14 PM

I know Wonder Woman was an important movie, but I felt it was at best decent. The villain was forgettable. Read more