Jul 28

Gamepass ate up all the kinds of games used to be getting in GwG. It’s now just way to pass off some old C-list games as a perk, where it used to be one of Gold’s biggest selling points.

Jul 12

Um, then don’t watch movies or TV shows, either. Or really, any form of entertainment whatsoever. Or really, don’t consume anything, at all. Try to live off drinking only river water only. Read more

Jul 9

Destiny 2 exotics this season have been remarkably fun. The Witherhoard grenade launcher was a wonderful surprise that I was certain would get nerfed, but instead Bungie seems to be doubling down with fun new opportunities. Read more

Jul 5

If I might make an attempt at nuance here, the idea that many psychiatrists are too quick to throw pills at something and call it a day is both true and a big problem. I speak from personal experience - I struggled for years futilely against clinical depression with a series of RXs that never much helped until I Read more

Jul 3

So, anyone going to link the video from the other perspective? The one where she has bumped into them, gets harassed and threatened, tries to leave, gets stopped and THEN pulls the gun? No? Okay, I will.

Jun 25

I agree that he doesn’t really sound like Gaetz’s son, but let’s also think about the bizarre logic at play here. A Democrat accused Gaetz of not trying to protect people of color because he doesn’t have non-white children. Gaetz’s reply? “I have a non-white child, and I still don’t care about protecting people of Read more

Jun 17

Shocked to see Chris D’Elia has been accused of being a comedian.

Jun 8

Hand on heart; that Peebee mod is a downgrade. I get that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I would not download that.

Jun 8

Hard agree - I really liked the setting and characters, it felt like the next logical step of the Mass Effect story, but there was an ungodly amount of meaningless fetch quests. You go to every planet and there’s just a laundry list of stupid stuff to do that added nothing but time to the game, by the time you’re done Read more

May 26

That is not completely accurate. The Xbox One games must be claimed with an active subscription, and can only be accessed if your subscription is active. The backwards compatible Xbox and Xbox 360 games however are yours forever if you claim them with an active subscription. Read more

May 19

I wonder how object interactions sync up with the resizing features.

May 19

No they will not. 3.0 drives will not be able to match the speed required of the new system. Cerny himself stated this much in that they would have to certify NVMe PCIe 4.0 drives for functionality. While we do not know what Xbox will sell their proprietary solution for PCIe 4.0 drives are around $200 for 1TB for the Read more

Apr 16

Literally just off the top of my head, Borderlands 3? Hell, uh, Borderlands 1?The player joining needs to load into the host’s world, but the other players are completely unaffected (it’s pretty much the same as loading into a single-player game). Read more