Yesterday 4:41PM

M4 Pt.2 rocks and is pretty beloved by the community - so much so that there was a lot of disappointment when Faunts didn’t return for the ME2 credits, and Bioware brought them back for the ME3 credits!
I was super hyped by it the first time I finished Mass Effect, it puts me in mind of 80s action movies like Point Read more

Friday 6:11PM

Yeah, 100%. The reviews and the recurring columns are still great, but they can’t seem to report anything without building the entire article around a laboured, snarky take. Near as I can tell it’s largely not the same writers.

Friday 10:47AM

Solid bit. Joking aside - I could really do with less of the ‘manufactured cynicism’ part of the structure. It manages to somehow feel both mean-spirited and manufactured at the same time, which isn’t typically the tone I’m looking for from my ‘enthusiast media’ coverage. Read more

Wednesday 2:29PM

When a game gets removed from Game Pass, it doesn’t cease to be for sale. You actually get at least a few weeks heads up, and can use those last few weeks to buy the game to own at a 10% discount. You can mix both forms of playing games, and many do to great effect. Nothing stops you from buying the game to own after Read more

Wednesday 9:42AM

Or, you know, they didn't announce it because they aren't actually making it, despite 5 years of "rumors" and "leaks" to the contrary.

Tuesday 4:05PM

Based on Arkane’s previous games, I’m gonna guess that Redfall is gonna have more in common with Dishonored or Prey than it does with Left 4 Dead. I really hope it does.

6/14/21 2:02PM

After Halo 5 released without split-screen, somebody at 343i (maybe Frank O’Connor?) said the next game would have split-screen. Read more

6/13/21 7:32PM

Come on, Ash! This is a cool (no pun intended) idea! How is this different from having plastic LED lights with the PS symbols or a Sonic the Hedgehog that holds your controller? Further, this is actually a functional piece that will surely draw some looks! You’re being bitter for no reason :p this is honestly amazing!

6/13/21 4:06PM

Why would that floor you?

They bought Bethesda only very recently. All the money in the world wasn’t going to conjure polished gameplay footage if they didn’t have any to show off at time of purchase.

Not a defense of Bethesda, who I think have poor project management skills, but Microsoft knew what they were buying.

6/13/21 2:52PM

Replaced suuuuuuree stylistically looks like that cyberpunk Milkshake Duck from a few years back. They’re not the same, right? Two completely different people/studios/games? I hope so because replaced looks good... :(

6/10/21 2:41PM

Yes, because this is definitely a project where the director didn’t get to show their vision the first time around...

6/07/21 5:06PM

She didn’t need to respond, because it was already established this was simply a fabrication by hyperventilating “woke” internet caricatures looking for yet another reason to be fauxraged. Read more

6/07/21 4:36PM

I love how the article tries to insinuate that it was terrible that she took a week to respond to this manufactured controversy. Y’all ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

6/06/21 4:05PM

Then we get these depressed monkeys turning a wench in the desert.

6/06/21 3:52PM

The thing is… I can’t tell if the developers are in on the joke or not. Did they purposely do this as some kinda satirical commentary on the Pokémon franchise or do they really just have no self awareness at all? And which would be funnier?