Aram ZS
Jul 19 2019

Thank you for this. You encapsulated every bit of how I felt about the film and why I really think Hasbro ought to stop and consider building off of this.

The origin is out of the way, you could friggen open the next film with them already morphed and in Zords, and it laid the ground work for what everyone was eager to Read more

Jul 19 2019

I always find it so strange that people were expecting the zords and costumes any earlier in the movie. A majority of the runtime on the show itself was spent out of costume with the teenagers doing teenager things and being supportive of each other and their community. Then they’d fight a bit out of costume, and then Read more

Mar 21 2019

Kickstarter can fail. Our company is looking for funding to secure our financials, as we’ve heard in multiple All Hands communications. If we add a union into the mix, it could make it near impossible for Kickstarter to raise a round.

Jul 15 2018

“It was Unsworth who initally pinpointed where he thought the Wild Boars team would be waiting. They were found 200 meters away from that point, which was “probably around about the best place they could have been,” he said.” Read more

Jun 11 2018

I’m still going to play this game and I’m probably going to have a grand old time fighting Mothman and freako frogs with my pals. I just think this nuke this is a bit weird. Like somewhere along the line, Bethesda forgot Fallout was also a satirical series.

Jan 8 2018

But could you have an entire conversation made up of cultural references with another culture? That would be genius writing.

Oct 25 2017

Makes sense. when I’m depressed and crying in front of the mirror the thing I want most is to be erased from existence.

Oct 17 2017

Just the latest reminder that microtransactions aren’t separate from the game. They can be central to the game itself, in mechanics designed to trigger further purchases.

Oct 12 2017

I wish friendship were a real mechanic in this game. You can only kill, shame, or enslave your orc pals.

Oct 5 2017

So, you fight all orcs no matter what you want to do with them. If you want to recruit, you get them to low health and then you “dominate” them. You can’t dominate any orc beyond your level, so you end up having to kill some. Sometimes, you accidentally kill them. If you want them to become stronger, you can send them Read more

Sep 25 2017

My guess is that these are Klingons separate from those in Enterprise who were affected by the Augment virus and lost their ridges. At some point between them, these Old Klingons combine with the TOS Klingons and the subsequent generations are the TNG Klingons. Read more

Aug 22 2017

yeah but you are in public - shouldn’t there be a minimum decorum level? if I dressed in gym clothes I would be embarrassed in this setting...and in turn I find all the slobs dressed like this to be embarrassing and gross. just my opinion but I can’t help it. Read more

Aug 7 2017

So it’s a singleplayer game with MMO style padding and nonsense that you can get around by paying even though the game is already AAA full priced? Yeah.... hard pass. Read more

Aug 7 2017

I was really excited for this game before. Now, I sorta want to avoid it so as to not promote this business practice. If you’re going to make me pay full price for a (single player!) game, don’t expect me to put up with microtransactions that are pay to win. :/

Aug 7 2017

Nothing screams confidence in your gameplay like advertising a product to skip it all.