5/15/19 8:39AM

Looking at prices for this generation of Jeep, I have to say this is a reasonable price for it. Perhaps even a little on the lower end, which means the seller realizes that the stupid bodykit does not make it more valuable. I appreciate that. NP for the type of Jeep it is and the condition.

5/13/19 10:13AM

Correction, you must have missed the bright yellow button that allows you to "ADD TO CAR".

5/08/19 2:10PM

Workhorse is an amazing company.

Many of you seem to think its like some random startup. Workhorse used to be known as Amp- the only profitable electric vehicle manufacturer that i was aware of.

Amp used to have a large manufacturing facility. They converted Saturns into EVs, shipping them to iceland especially and the Read more

5/07/19 11:20AM

I’m not really sure I understand how you could possibly classify someone that doesn’t work consistent hours as anything but contract labor. My mom used to do proofreading for a company that consisted of just showing up at the office whenever you had time to pick up whatever papers you wanted to proofread. If these Read more

5/02/19 10:01AM

I don’t mind the wrap, I think loud colors are cool (though this blue is a bit meh to me) but for some stupid reason all blue and green Mk1 996s (best looking 911 sue me) have a silver inset in the stock bumper. It’s not so much that it’s not an original bumper so much as it’s a piss poor job wrapping the front bumper. Read more

5/02/19 9:10AM

Yeah, it literally looks like they put a skinny guy in a fuzzy blue suit and then built the CGI model off that. No idea why they attempted to give his body humanoid proportions. 

5/02/19 7:29AM

Movie Sonic looks like a furry cosplay. The stylized rework looks like, well, Sonic.

5/01/19 9:28PM

How is a regular key in any way better in an emergency? You are being chased, adrenalin is coursing through your body and you are shaking like a leaf. You then have to dig your key out of your pocket or purse, get it lined up in the slot to open the door. Then you have to pull it out, open the door and get in, and Read more

5/01/19 6:58AM

Agreed. People see a crappy little car thing that a child could make. I see the answer to a challenge to build a vehicle capable of rolling X amount of distance while only using these limited components.

4/30/19 5:39PM

That’s always bothered me too. It comes across as lazy and cheap. 

4/30/19 5:26PM

This has always peeved me in Volkswagens; why does the power button rotate with the volume knob? It looks misaligned and cheap IMO and I can’t think of any other automaker that so clearly has a printed label that rotates with the knob.

4/30/19 10:37AM

5th gear: It’s bizarre to me that FCA gets decisions like this so right, but then just looks incompetent elsewhere. This makes so much sense, let the pros make the software. Also consider how FCA wants to get more in bed with Waymo as the days go by, so offering up this market share is a no brainer for FCA, and now Read more

4/30/19 9:59AM

I’d spend a billion dollars on Faraday right after my Elio gets delivered.