5/16/19 10:00AM

The K1 attack was one of the best looking cars of all time IMHO and one of the best kit cars I’ve ever seen.

I want one really really bad.

5/15/19 9:45AM


Any time the temp is below say 20 or so, my kiddos in the back are so cold they need to wear blankets to stay warm. When its below 0, I don’t even feel safe having them in the car because I need to wear a blanket to stay warm in the front seat!

5/15/19 9:35AM


Its a good looking car. The only reason I don’t own a YJ is they are ugly and I have self respect.

its cheaper than a TJ, so in other words, its the cheapest not ugly jeep thats not beat to heck.

Given that I just sold my beat to heck, rusted out TJ for 9,500 - I’d gladly pocket 3k and drive this thing.... so count Read more

5/14/19 11:38AM

Unpopular belief that will get terrorized in these comments I guess, but if you fight a police officer, and you get shot, I have no sympathy.

I have a TON of sympathy for people who get shot doing nothing wrong and think police should be arrested and jailed for that BS. that kind of thing happens too much. Read more

5/13/19 3:31PM

I’m a redneck- Grew up next to a ford dealership that sold about 5 fords a month. Sounds absolutely massive to me! haha.

but I do authentically recognize that I guess in the scheme of automotive manufacturing, it probably isn’t “massive”

BUT compared to what I consider its real competition... EV conversion companies... Read more

5/13/19 10:36AM

This makes me want another fiero.

If anyone is selling a yellow 87 or 88 GT with MT, I’ll pay double book value!

5/13/19 10:35AM

I’ve never seen rust on a fiero... And I’ve owned a few over 200k miles and raced them for many years.

5/10/19 2:31PM

I’m probably the only crazy one.

5/10/19 2:08PM

Lightstream is freaking awesome.

Now I’m against car loans, but if you need a car loan, Lightstream is absolutely amazing. Ethical, great service, no crazy fees...

As a lender they are great, but if you should borrow period or not is a different story.

5/10/19 12:31PM

I test drove a jaguar last week.

The seller said, “so are you interested in buying it?”

I said, “It’ll drop a few thousand dollars sitting on your lot the next 2 weeks, so I’ll keep my eye on the price and come back then”

Its been 2 weeks. price hasn’t dropped yet, but I know it will and then I’ll be back!

5/09/19 8:38AM

Around here, “Restrictive Covenants” are taking the place of HOAs.

I personally am OK with Restrictive Covenants. There is no person who “controls” them, no one can make decisions on a whim, no one can get on a power trip, but you have some basic standards (like no plastic siding on the front of your house, no above Read more

5/08/19 5:04PM

Blue ash... now a JLR dealership I believe.

They were about the same size as our other car manufacturer in the city, Noble, that moved away :( (Now Rossion). I guess “large” is relative. The car company that manufacturers lambo kit cars in dayton is essentially a guys garage, so I would say a facility generating Read more

5/08/19 2:10PM

Workhorse is an amazing company.

Many of you seem to think its like some random startup. Workhorse used to be known as Amp- the only profitable electric vehicle manufacturer that i was aware of.

Amp used to have a large manufacturing facility. They converted Saturns into EVs, shipping them to iceland especially and the Read more

5/07/19 2:08PM

I won’t disagree with the “letter of the law” but I always think the intent of a law is more important than how its written. I think the INTENT of an independent contractor is to be a “self employed person running an independent operation in service to another company”. 

5/07/19 11:06AM

I think this is the definition of contract labor.

Work when you want, where you want. Pay for results, not how you do the job. Company doesn’t dictate how, when, or where you work.

So while I really question some (like Uber/Lift), this one seems like a pretty clear Independent Contractor situation.

Now if the letter of Read more

5/06/19 2:06PM

Door switches might not, but I’ve owned cars as rare as 5000 units (Like the fiero GT in ‘88) that became impossible- literally impossible to find parts for. Sure 50% of them are GM parts box, but thats still 50% that aren’t.

where are you going to get a bumper? A door? even a windshield? How about the battery control- Read more

5/06/19 9:05AM

Rural King has chicks for 99cents right now. I find it pretty easy just to pick them up and carry them in a sedan.... but I guess if you have enough of them, that can work.... but in that case, what are you doing with so many chicks?

5/06/19 9:00AM

Its also cars like this that I always wonder- “Is there actually anyone who would buy this”? I mean most people looking for a $5500 car aren’t going to be interested in some weird niche car from norway.

It makes me wonder if I should contact the dealership with an offer of like “$2000" and see what happens.

5/06/19 8:56AM

The only reason I CP’d it is the company doesn’t exist anymore, its so rare parts are going to be impossible to find, so I CPd it.

The price would be right if the company was still around and parts were easy to find. I don’t see many people mention this.

And you own the battery. I was SO CLOSE to buying a similarly aged Read more

5/06/19 8:33AM

I’m confused about this... I think all car guys and gals admire the first gen NSX?!?!?

You are telling me that car people don’t admire the original NSX?