So if NOAA tweets a picture of polar sea ice from winter 1986 compared to polar sea ice from winter 2016, NOAA should be prohibited from using Twitter. Comparing conditions from two similar events is a partisan opinion. How about when the monthly labor report comes out and, say, the Labor Department tweets the Read more

Yeah, that’s right! One account misbehaves, so shut them all down! You can console yourself that adults will shutdown crisis communications channels designed for the safety of the public rather than risk an embarrassing tweet. Ocelot Snowflake is now in a safe zone. Read more

Unprofessional and damage to institutions is 100% who just got sworn in today, so your high horse is actually one of those tiny midget horses. With tiny hooves. And an orangish wispy mane. Read more

Look at his stupid face.

Actually, we got a silver lining far sooner than that. When the Dems swept in after the 2006 midterms and took back the House. It led to Barack Obama. Hopefully, 2018 can be that prelude. Though, it’s even harder than it was in 2006 because of further gerrymandering.
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Correction: Thundersnow does NOT refer to a combination of high winds and snow. Thundersnow is a term that refers to a ground level snowstorm with a warmer air layer above where a thunderstorm is taking place. Thunderstorms + Snowing = Thundersnow. Read more

Is that “Troy”? Because my “damn he’s fine” moment came a little earlier.

I don’t know what he was doing to Marla with those gloves on, but I’d be game to find out.

He’s had many fine moments. How dare you pick just one!

Brad’s finest moment.

You only need so many programmers, engineers, developers and testers. Rather than being demeaning to those of us who work hard at our ‘less than crucial jobs’, understand that we deserve to earn enough to live at least basic lives. Some of my colleagues? They’re engineers, lawyers, programmers, accountants, health Read more

And yet Material handlers in my Industry, top out at 22.xx an hour, get full medical/vision/dental, and pension benefit. When you factor that in a material handler makes about $33-35 an hour, give or take. My point was that just because labor is unskilled doesn’t mean it should pay below living wage. We don’t focus on Read more

“I am an Amazon warehouse worker, after a year I get tired of it and start learning a new trade...”

When? And with what money? Courses from accredited schools are not free - even taking the tests isn’t free. If you’re barely scraping enough money for rent and food, you sure as hell don’t have enough money to go to Read more

Hey dummy, we actually require low level people in the workforce to clean toilets, pick up boxes, and flip hamburgers. They should still make a living wage. Read more

Foreigners can also buy that gas now too. Which is why its so important to connect this field to the Gulf. Read more

The story focuses more on the UPS driver’s call to authorities than the woman’s bravery and quick thinking Read more

Also, a lot of death, possibly cannibalism. Read more

Louisiana is yet another red welfare state that gets much more back from the federal government than it pays in taxes (unlike most blue states), but hates big government. It’s just typical, hypocritical GOP bullshit. Read more