9:14 AM

Sure it was one of the first big animes to hit in the west, but it’s hyped as it is because it’s a masterpiece of a film and the manga is an incredibly well made sprawling epic too. Read more

9:31 AM

NOPE. Everything about this is excruciating. The fact that it was broadcast on tv, the uncanny valley thing, and yes the trauma of seeing a dead child recreated as a video game. 

9:47 AM

I always look forward to your articles, Peter. This one is great as usual! I love what you said about the Blade Runner game because for me, it was *the* experience of that narrative for the longest time. Now that it’s been many years I suppose the book has supplanted it in my mind, but the events and themes and things Read more

9:44 AM

I also highly recommend SOMA for interest in AI, post humanism, etc. It can be terrifying in small bursts but it’s not a difficult game at all, and the big ideas win out over the scariness by a long shot by the end.

9:41 AM

It’s honestly mind boggling they didn’t release a remastered trilogy on PS4/xbone. That’s easy money just sitting there! Although now at this point, yeah I’d love to have it on Switch instead. Read more

2:48 PM

I showed that sequence to my wife, who is a nurse, and after laughing for a while she was like this is way more unrealistic than most of your games!

1:08 PM

I have a half dozen very nice headphones (mostly Sennheiser) and the Switch can drive most of them just as well as my PC - plus I can play it curled up on the couch or in bed even - so I’m not worried about the difference. Not to mention, I don’t have a higher end PC or a large monitor. The great thing about owning it Read more

12:23 PM

Yeah, when packing a travel bag I tend to take the controllers off the switch, just trying to be extra gentle with it. Vita is a tough little brick though. So much lost potential - I imagine if Sony supported it and didn’t bother with those dumb expensive memory cards it would’ve been a massive Switch-like hit. I Read more

12:21 PM

Wow! I would have been so sad to lose my Vita.. especially more than once. And especially thanks to the cost of those damn memory cards!

12:20 PM

I ended up playing Okami ps3 remaster while my son was that tiny, so I’m not totally sure why I couldn’t keep up with P4G, but it is what it is! Definitely a good time to burn through some games :)

10:34 AM

It’s pretty impressive that someone could get so offended by a discussion about how a word can be offensive that they make an embarrassing hissy fit of a word salad response like this.

1:15 PM

This is the entire point. The spectacle is meant to overwhelm us. To the point that there is so much, at such a fast pace, that we can’t even nail down the most egregious wrongs, much less come to a consensus on what’s happening. This approach lined up perfectly with the full flowering of the social media age, Read more