1:07 PM

Don’t feel bad about a loan on a modest vehicle that you have done research on (for both the car and loan products). Seriously, don’t. If you’re saving for retirement, doing your best to further your financial standing, got a good rate on your car, and the car suits your needs without being significantly cost Read more

8:18 PM

I really just want to stick with these cars for several years without replacing them. I've never put more than 35k miles on any given vehicle, nor kept one longer than 2.5 years. Also when I get a different car, there is expenses in sorting it out to my tastes and (sometimes) taking a loss on the outgoing vehicle. 

5:27 AM

What's with the name Farrah and 1 million miles vehicles?

9:33 PM

Maybe it’s because I own one, but I think the 2008-2010 Volvo C70 is gorgeous (although it’s probably not a proper regular car). There just isn’t an exterior design feature that I feel will age poorly.

12:25 PM

There are a lot of good basic tips already, so here are a few others from a lifelong Hoosier: Read more

1:56 PM

I just picked up a 2015 V60 a few weeks ago with 115k miles for under $13k. It’s so much more comfortable, powerful, and stylish. I don’t miss the 2016 Outback I had at all.

8:29 AM

Maybe at $3,000 it’s a nice price. But $4,700? No dice.

1:32 PM

The air gap and insulating properties of tires resist lower voltages just fine. But 12,470 volts? Nah, the tires can explode and catch fire if the crane boom contacts the line. (Source: I work for an electric utility)

10:47 AM

That guy is lucky he didn't actually hit the power lines. It appears they struck the telecom lines below, which snapped up into the energized distribution lines. Had he struck them directly with the boom, he would have likely blown the tires out and caught the truck on fire. And perhaps been killed as well. 

1:01 PM

I change the oil in a friend’s 2010 Prius for them. I used to have one, and happened to find the oil filters on clearance somewhere for almost nothing. Plus I have the tools and know-how to do it fast and cheap. It’s not a big thing but it saves them money, reduces opportunities for a shop to try and rip them off, and Read more

12:51 PM

The lack of comprehension of “nuance” present in those tweets are astounding and troubling.

9:33 PM

I must be the target market here. I have an Outback named Jarvis and a C70 named Pepper, as well as willing to own a slow but functional crossover/SUV/lifted wagon. 

3:28 PM

It doesn’t help you now, but there’s a button in the end of the turn signal stalk to deactivate the Lane Watch camera so you can see the infotainment screen. It also lets you turn the camera on without signaling. (At least that’s how my 2016 Civic was). Also I think they missed the mark by not making this a hatchback.

10:57 AM

Stuff like this is what Fiat will be left with (assuming they continue selling cars in the US). Make low volume, incredibly fun little nostalgia cars! We need fun little modern machines like the Pao, and Fiat could fill the role. Plus the Abarth stuff is fun, too. We all know the bloated 500L, 500X aren’t going to cut Read more

10:10 PM

I’m digging the team approach. My 2016 Subaru Outback fills the reliable role, and the 2001 Volvo V70 with 240k on the clock I got for $1100 is currently in the funreliable role. I really like wrenching on cars when I don’t need it the next day for work.

5:31 PM

Volvo C30 with a manual transmission. Doesn’t even have to be an R-design, either. I just want that Swedish 5cyl turbo hot hatch goodness. It would be mine, too, were it not for the new house needing new electrical and new plumbing.

11:30 AM

Find somewhere that can tune/modify the Crosstrek to have more power without compromising fuel economy too much. Or get a Forester XT with a fuel mileage and CVT penalty. You won’t get everything you want on your list because AWD + plenty of power + fun transmission = bad gas mileage and expensive.

9:41 AM

I would think car insurance companies would have an incentive to notify their customers of any open recalls, and even possibly charge more for refusals to make repairs. It surely adds additional risk of damage to the vehicle. Maybe this is the approach if folks don’t want the DMV/government involved.

9:55 PM

As if I didn’t already want a C30 badly enough, now there is *this* article. My goodness I want one of these little hatches!!