Anthony Crispino
12:16 PM

The article on that cheerleaders link: Good god. Bikini flyers at a poetry reading? I love the take of the girl from the quote, though: “my daughter says she and her friends liked the poetry but found the flyers mildly disturbing.” Read more

2:10 PM

I am a trust attorney and so I deal with people like Jim and Johnny all the time. They can get bent. People like them are the definition of “born on third and convinced they hit a triple.” If they want to do something with their property then maybe they should, you know, be successful independent of their inheritance.

1:46 PM

Nope. I am happy. Marshall is like the crazy bizarro version of Takeo Spikes. A really good player who has never played on a playoff team. I will bet the Giants will not make the playoffs next season. Read more

12:18 PM

I think they’re more likely to hold “clutching onto 7th in the West” against him than technicals. He’d be the first MVP to not play on a top-three team in his conference since Moses Malone won in Houston. I would think if they make the fifth seed, and they’re currently three-and-a-half back of that, then there’s no Read more

1:04 PM

Hmmm. Based on the fact that Reggie, for all his brashness, tended to get his head handed to him in all his fights of this era, it might be the latter. Then again, Rollie’d be apt to forget his assignment and try to strike me out with an outside cutter on the black. Toss-up.

4:25 PM

Sure, his play has been kind of “meh”, but he was kinda “meh” for twice as many games a Osweiler, so that’s a good sign, right?

12:37 PM

DeVos went on to express nostalgia for “nearly full employment of the antebellum plantation system.”

12:50 AM

That poor behavior really took a negative toll on the team, holding them to below 51 points in the third quarter. So selfish.