Donnie who loved bowling


Eew, only half and half. Well, that’s half milk. But still. Straight up pure milk is disgusting. Read more

There are a million things wrong with me. I have binge eating disorder, i’m clinically depressed, severely overweight, ADD, Fibromyalgia, I deal with sciatica pain every day, and anxiety disorder (can’t go near airplanes, and I have megalophobia so i’m terrified of giant mechanical structures that move or look like Read more

For Maya Rudolph? Yes. For Martin Short, fuck no. Read more

Yup. Pretty much. I’ve been getting so many nasty looks and general confusion because i’m strongly for Bernie Sanders and despise HRC. “ have boobs and a vagina. How are you not for HRC? She’s a woman!” I’ve been against HRC from the start and i’m a socialist and a Sociologist, why on earth would I NOT Read more

I really believe that this guy needs to get the shit beaten out of him. Read more

I love this woman. And she’s fucking beautiful. Read more

THANK GOD. Now I can have friends! Read more

Eew. This guy grosses me out on so many levels. Their stupid baby also grosses me out. Their joint Twitter account is also gross. He also looks slimy and his dick probably smells. I hate him. I hope he dies in some shitty accident, like hoverboarding off of a cliff. Read more

This makes me feel better after spending over $200 on Nars makeup yesterday. Read more

I’m torn because I was obsessed with Chipotle for a long time, way back when, and then I stopped once the quality started to drastically decline. I agree with everything in this article except that I would 100% choose Chipotle over Taco Bell. Taco Bell is inedible gruel made for drunk and stoned 22 year olds who have Read more

He’s terrible and makes the show unwatchable for me. I like everything else on the show, every other character, except Andy Samberg instantly makes the whole thing rotten with his shitty acting. It’s not even just Andy Samberg being a shitty actor, the whole character is terrible and not funny. Read more

Brooklyn Nine Nine would be ten times better if Andy Samberg would just go do something else. Read more

Haha, no I met him somewhere but I changed my clothes first. Not as exciting. Read more

It’s funny because it was never my biggest nightmare, because I didn’t think that could really happen. I was obviously upset at the bird, upset at the situation, grossed out, frightened, screaming, and annoyed, but also totally in shock that it was even happening because I had never heard of that happening to anyone Read more

Huh, that’s interesting. I’m not a fan of birds either. Plus, they’re shitty pets. Read more

Oof, a turkey?! That’s like hitting a small dog. Fucking god damn birds. Read more

Really? Like big ass birds? Seagulls and geese are assholes. Read more