Angrier Geek
Sep 22

If they think this superman show is gonna pander to them, MRAs are probably in for a surprise. 

Sep 22

This is a good movie. Fight me.

Sep 20

She was also in The Gates and a few episodes of The Vampire Diaries.  But she'll always be Papi for me.

Sep 18

This is on all the Democrats that stayed home even though a Supreme Court seat was up for grabs because they didn't like Clinton. This is on all the people that voted Jill Stein. 

Sep 15

He very well may be destroying his career, and I applaud him for having the courage to stand up for the truth in spite of that. We've all seen how Hollywood works, and even if there WAS legitimate wrongdoing and abuse, it's entirely possible that it gets swept under the rug and nothing comes out of this investigation Read more

Sep 15

You got your victory dance?

Sep 15

It’s because he’s black. I believe he got treated like shit on set, and I believe people are more interested in using what happened to him as a weapon to promote the Snyder Cut rather than to actually do anything about what happened to him on set.

Sep 15

The cut of the movie with all of his parts restored is being released next year. The #ReleasetheSnyderCut movement is over. It’s happening. So not sure why people are still insisting he’s making all of this noise because his part was reduced in a movie that was released three years ago. Read more

Sep 15

It’ll also include a rebooted version of MTV’s Behind the Music, Read more

Sep 13

That’s been bugging me since the beginning. Especially the first two seasons; every episode ended with the heroes celebrating a win and the villains toasting and saying “everything’s going according to plan.” The Justice League looks ineffective.

Sep 11

It’s not just the characters they need front and center, but also the people behind the scenes, the writers, editors, artists, and so on.

Sep 9

Regardless of your take on which movies were good, which were bad, I think we can all agree: Disney flubbed this in the worst way possible. Read more

Sep 8

I love Star Trek and enjoy Discovery. Trekkies, though, are irritating.

Sep 6

Union laws give him the right to do that. it might actually be illegal for the studio to have tried arbitration without a union rep witnessing

Sep 5


Sep 2

Ah, this is a common mistake. These books are the ones that prominently feature Lucky the Pizza Dog, with occasional supporting appearances from Clint and Kate.

Sep 1

Indeed, leading some fans to dub it “Star Trek: Where Nomad Has Gone Before”. Read more

Aug 28

Considering just how much certain election results (in both the UK and especially the US) in 2016 (coincidentally the same year Boseman’s cancer emerged) have shaped the nightmare that is 2020, I think we can fairly characterize the cavalcade of suck that are the last four years in general and this year in particular Read more