Angrier Geek
Jul 12

And the best part, it’s still Disney. 

Jul 12

Ok yeah THAT’S the stuff with Ultron there. The other ones were decent but that one wow - especially “You want to protect the world. But you don’t want it to change.”.

Jul 7

I mean, the chosen one trope is a trope we’ve had for thousands of years and is part of almost every mythology on Earth, including the two biggest religions on Earth right now, so yeah, I think it’ll survive without much trouble. The idea of a single person being chosen by some higher power to accomplish a great feat Read more

Jun 30

I feel like everybody knew at least one art major in college who dressed like this.

Jun 28

I hope they don’t screw up DC Universe. It’s one of the few subscription services I really like (and I subscribe to quite a few). I love the old school cartoons and shows, comics, and the DC movies and their original shows. Honestly, I’m on there 10x more than Netflix, Hulu, or any other service.

Jun 21

I hate to burst your bubble, but the split happened pre Nixon..... you know when one side supported a complete crook that was willing to do anything and everything to get re-elected even if it breaks the law. Sound familiar? Of course at least Nixon was ashamed when he got caught and at least he was competent at the Read more

Jun 21

“And we needed some sort of antagonist besides the shark. Because the shark, first of all, we couldn’t see the shark for a long time, and the shark didn’t speak.”

Jun 20

This series should have just committed to it being “We Need to talk about Kylo.” No excuses, no whiny backwalking, no pretending a 30-year-old man can blame his problems on his parents working too hard. He chased a “glorious past” and wound up with a bunch of fascists then took out all his angst on innocent people. Read more

Jun 18

Took the words right out of my mouth. Snyder has two faults that prevent him from ever succeeding with a Superman film. One, he’s a slave to his own eye, so he will always choose big, flashy visuals, even if those visuals completely undercut the themes of his story. Hence the loving, tender slow-motion shots of Dan Read more

Jun 18

That’s pretty much my take - I wanna see Snyder’s JL just out of academic curiosity. I’m sure I’ll hate it just as much as I did BvS, but at least it will be interesting, unlike the JL we got, which was fine but an unwieldy Frankestein monster with nothing coherent to say. Read more

Jun 17

Disney +: “Children are too delicate to handle the idea that Artemis Fowl is a criminal (despite 25 million books sold)“ Read more

Jun 16

Oh god that trope again. At least it has Superman, Veronica Lodge, and JJJ. Infinite time loop with crossover comic universes!

Jun 16

What the fuck is with the format change?! 13 pages to read one story?! Fuck that. Put it back the the way it was. I can’t read shit this way. It’s too infuriating.  

Jun 13

We’re going to see more of them. Each slide counts as a page click...