8:19 PM

Jesus. The literal Birmingham Jail. You’d think they’d have a better sense of optics, but...no.

I assume Officer Pigfucker has his name redacted because you’ve lodged an official complaint and publishing his identity would give them an excuse to block it. Your experience must have been terrifying and I’m thankful you Read more

7:38 PM

Oh my goodness. Michael, I am so glad you’re okay and I hope your hands have no lasting discomfort or injury! Everything you wrote and said in the video is true from my own experience: when their eye is trained to notice that which doesn’t belong, it always falls on a Black person! Then while they’re watching us, Read more

7:20 PM

I like this idea. They are not just using their reach and influence to say things that may or may not appear performative, they are pretty much giving their own voice to people who do not really have one, and letting them speak their truth.

7:11 PM

Mr. “He’s just trying to make sure they weren’t loose.” can fuck all the way off. He tipped the hand of his complicity by trying to justify the unjustifiable.  

6:59 PM

You are giving them a latitude of which I would not be humanly capable. I’m alone in my apartment and merely reflecting on conversations I have had with co-workers over the past week feels like enough to give me a stroke. I appreciate your demonstrating a humanity which I myself feel unable to experience at the Read more

6:43 PM

I’ve spent a few evenings watching a white journalist reporting from Portland, OR, saw him teargassed a few times but it never had me worried for his safety. Last night I saw Michael Harriot’s tweet that he’d been arrested, and I was more worried about a stranger than I’ve ever been. It was a relief to see Read more

4:14 PM

Having worked in media, I can actually believe he doesn’t read every piece they publish. I’ve known editors who read every single word of their publications before print, and those who focused on the big picture and trusted the senior staff to do their jobs. It varies, and a big daily like the NYT publishes so much Read more

3:38 PM

Appreciate you shedding light on the civil war going on in the coven between the pragmatic (older) witches who believe in the “all” and the Young Wokes who prioritize “fit” in “All The Babies Fit To Eat.

1:15 PM

The casual way the cop pushed the man over and the way the other cops only looked down to make sure they weren’t getting blood on their jackboots says this was just business-as-usual, another day at the office. Read more

1:05 PM

Yeah, I recently saw a video of someone filming a cop beating up someone else, and the cop tells the person filming to “Back the fuck up” and shoves them. People were like “Well, they were disrespectful!” but like, a barista cannot tell someone to “Back the fuck up” and shove them. Any person working customer service Read more

1:04 PM

You can see one of the cops go to help him and immediately get yanked back by another officer. I cannot even. 

12:12 PM

What I found most telling, the cop slightly on the left, who doesn’t seem to push himself, but I’m not sure about that. You can see him reach for the man once he’s on the ground, because he may have a shred of his soul left, and he’s dragged away by another one of the cops. (The one who did the pushing I think, again, Read more

11:36 AM

You left out a key element of this. The official report first stated that the man “tripped and fell”... that Is, until the video emerged. Read more