6:15 PM

Ah, but who else are politicians supposed to use as background dressing at rallies and silent screens onto which they can project their own prejudices and desires? Middle America and Taxpayers can’t support that load alone, man!

4:00 PM

Team Nobody-And-I-Can’t-Wait-Until-This-Is-Over-And-Never-Have-To-Hear-About-These-Awful-People-Again.

3:14 PM

, she didn’t lose ownership of her music, she never had ownership of it. Read more

3:01 PM

I completely agree with you about the weirdness (and baselessness) of wanting to present Depp as a blameless victim in this whole affair. He quite clearly has some dangerous violent and abusive tendencies, and a lot of Depp stans and MRA types completely ignore that. Read more

2:41 PM

I think the reason a lot of people feel that is because Leo is always exused. He is currently dating a woman who is 23 years younger than him that he has known since she was a child. Can you imagine anyone else but him getting away with that? Can you imagine the vitriol if a woman did anything like that? And yet we Read more

2:23 PM

Women who say this see the super successful men, and ignore the men who are not nearly as successful.
Read more

2:03 PM

For fuck’s sake he’s still trying to claim he’s an “Injun”?

1:57 PM

Yes. It wasn’t just one vice for pretty ol’ Johnny, it had to be all of them: smoking, drinking, and all types of illicit drugs. Read more

1:47 PM

Domestic violence accusations aside, Johnny Depp has really become a generation’s poster child for how quickly the switch flips on your face when you’ve got decades of substance abuse under your belt. I mean, he’s 56. Somewhere around the age of 50, it’s like he got hit by a truck and required reconstructive surgery. Read more

1:42 PM

Hardly ever happens in real life? Well princess Diana's niece is going to marry 61 years old man, she's 29. Leo dates women only under 25 and he's not getting younger. Maybe it's not in "real life", but it's happening in Taylor's "real life", perspective is everything.

1:35 PM

Are we sure that Leo doesn’t have one of these high-five hallways in real life?

1:12 PM

It’s kind of wild that people have to link to places like the Daily Mail just to talk about this though, right? Less than two years ago this was a 10,ooo word cover of Rolling Stone kind of story, now you have to link to trash tabloids just to provide proper context. It almost makes you instinctively question whether Read more

12:54 PM

I don’t think the point is that Leo, specifically, is the emblem for toxic masculinity. The point is that Swift and DiCaprio have a lot in common—personally and professionally—but are treated very differently for it. Swift has a squad; DiCaprio has a “posse.” Both have reputations for serial dating. Both have worked Read more

12:04 PM

aggro Injun”??? Wow...he’s really taking that offensive Native role he white washed back in 2013 to a whole new level.