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I don’t think they move the needle much in typical circumstances. With a field this wide though, the smallest nudge can have disproportunate effect. Especially when the first states have things like 15% thresholds to net any electors. I’m holding out hope until the end that we get Warren or Saunders, and not Biden. Read more

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This endorsement is such complete horseshit, but there is at least a silver lining that they didn’t line up behind Biden. Horrible as the opinion/editorial writers at NYT are, moderate Blue Dog/right leaning dems read them, and are influence by them. I’m hoping this muddies the waters just enough in the “undecideds” Read more

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Not so much. He’s popular with people who identify strongly with being antiestablishment. Warren is more popular with people who are willing to work within the establishment. These voters never saw themselves as the core of the party, but they’re certainly angry at it, because the establishment is a two party system Read more

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No, they’re just an old Splinter troll with a tired schtick. They’ve been trolling the greys for months, and people are just now falling for it.

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I know exactly what it is. He’s a progressive who prefers to speak in terms of class exclusively while disregarding “identity politics” as having much importance. Therefore attracting progressives who are aware of class dynamics, but not necessarily self aware or introspective enough to see how their own pre Read more

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I know people who fit the trope to a T. And all of them were pro Warren “I would vote for Liz, just not Hillary” types until she challenged Bernie directly. Now it’s a scorched earth campaign against her from the same people. It’s not completely unfounded, and their hypocrisy is even more infuriating when you know Read more

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As Politico noted in 2012, Biden was less concerned with the need to provide free contraception to millions of people and more concerned with his belief that “the policy would sink the president with Catholic voters.” Read more

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That asshole needs a hobby. They’ve been spamming the whole damned post. I’ve had to dismiss them 3 times. 

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I really don’t see their ride or die supporters going anywhere but the couch or third parties. We knew how a certain portion of his base was going to act from experience, and also that there would be similar response from a portion of her supporters that had a foul taste in their mouth from 2016. I really don’t Read more

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Exactly, and he can’t claim ignorance to their existence and proclivities when he’s already on the record as acknowledging this faction in his base exists, and supposedly taking steps to mitigate it.

Honestly, it’s not a good look. I’ll still vote for him if he wins, but I have no illusions that he’s any better than Read more

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Exactly. It’s why I don’t buy this true believer narrative the toxic avenger squad keeps pushing online. She was good enough For Him in 2016, but now he’s The One True Hope. 

His last run may well have been ideologically motivated, but this one is ego. Which doesn’t make him a Bad Person, every politician is motivated Read more

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Meh, it’s really only a toxic minority of his base that will go “Bernie or Bust” and they were going that way from the start. They’re just Really loud, and Really online.

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The dumb is out in force on this post. I got labeled as an “extreme leftist” by another dipshit elsewhere.

Our dismiss fingers are our best friends today.