You missed the half-dozen columns talking about how shitty cars are and how we need more public transit, and then the additional half-dozen talking about “fuck trucks and large engines” Read more

lmao accurate, don’t forget to hate on anything GM related Read more

You’re thinking of the old, dead Jalopnik my friend; the one you and I started reading a long time ago. Read more

I remember when Jalopnik used to enjoy and encourage car culture  Read more

No, they do not. While GM can certainly speed things up from their current pace, bringing a well-engineered vehicle to market takes time. Read more

This is the winner. Great color combinations can’t overcome a plate shaped like a bear. I have never lost at paper, rock, scissors because I always go with bear. Read more

And Nunavut!

Canada’s Northwest Territories

Most exciting electric car in years? GTFO what happened to this place, man. Read more

“MazdaSpeed” does sound a bit juvenile if they are pushing up market, but go with a more subdued MSE badging - Mazda Speed Engineering, or similar. Or how about “Rx” branding, it’s a throw back and because you need a prescription for the speed! Also means ‘recipe’ in Latin (hence the Rx on med bottles) so it’s a Read more

People who buy lower trim cars often do so because they don’t want to either pay for or be bothered with all the extra features and options. Read more

GM is slow to roll things out because they are cautious, overly cautious sometimes sure. SuperCruise has been spied on the 2022 Silveado prototypes and the Bolt EUV so it’ll be rolling out to lots of vehicles.
Fix on the fly doesn’t work for big manufacturers (well maybe for Chrysler and Co.. when they do have new Read more

Get a U-Haul.. and leave that shit hole city. It's a dumpster with twinkle lights  Read more

Why is he even a staff writer at this point. Read more

Oh Erik, let your childhood experience in a dismal space shuttle Chevy Lumina van go already   Read more

The year 2020 has turned out to be in part an extended marketing push by GM to convince everyone that it’s all about electric now.”
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Could someone else at Jalopnik please be the one to write about GM. Anyone at all. Read more

$4.5 billion will be spent over a few years so maybe $1b per year. Still, that is spending 10% of profits on EV research, development, and manufacturing on top of their normal ICE R&D. For a big corporation, that is a pretty bold move. Read more

Good for them.  It’s gonna take a whole lot of this sort of investment in order to fix what’s coming.  I hope more American corporations follow suit in whatever manner they can. Read more