Still one of the acting greats  Read more

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Nissan has needed help with their trucks for a decade. The current gen Titan was supposed to be a platform share with Ram but when the Italians rolled into Chrysler that deal ended. I didn’t think we were even going to get another Titan after that, and maybe we shouldn’t have. Read more

lmao accurate, don’t forget to hate on anything GM related Read more

I said months ago, when another commenter brought up the same thing, that I would stop coming here and go to TheDrive, but old habits die hard, I’ve been reading and commenting on Jalponik from the start.  Read more

I remember when Jalopnik used to enjoy and encourage car culture  Read more

GM is also likely prepared to make this further EV push because they know money will be coming from the Feds when Biden rolls into the white house  Read more

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Nunavut used to have the bear plates, or maybe still does at special order  Read more

Canada’s Northwest Territories

Now they’ve introduced one or two lux trims above GT, depending on model there is something like a ‘Signature’ trim as well as ‘ Premiere’ or something to that effect. So they should make GT less of a luxury trim and more of a sporty. Let the 2.5T be on the 2 other luxury trims, but GT gets firmer ride, bigger sways, Read more

We, I mean I know what you’re saying, but they aren’t all Q. They are Q or QX. It’s not like Q40 is a sedan and Q50 is a crossover Read more

First thought is Nissan owns it, especially in Japan. I know there are other Z models, especially at Chevrolet Z71, ZR1, Z/28, but I bet Nissan would go after them. Read more

That’s where the lux segment is at though with naming and that’s where their horizon is.  Read more

Most exciting electric car in years? GTFO what happened to this place, man. Read more

“MazdaSpeed” does sound a bit juvenile if they are pushing up market, but go with a more subdued MSE badging - Mazda Speed Engineering, or similar. Or how about “Rx” branding, it’s a throw back and because you need a prescription for the speed! Also means ‘recipe’ in Latin (hence the Rx on med bottles) so it’s a Read more

For what this truck is, a 5ft bed is enough. I have a Silverado short bed, 5 foot 8 inches, but my text truck will be a standard bed @ 6ft 7in so I can close the gate with my quad loaded up Read more

Could the gearing be different? Its possible the eTorque has a 3.21 and non-e had the 3.92? Either way, your test shows it doesnt change that the eTorque is more gimmick and “hybrid” marketing than anything Read more

Rams eTorque is barely jack shit of anything in terms of a hybrid. Basically a glorified alternator that assists with start-stop Read more