ThingsThat RhymeWithOrange
9:32 AM

Mediocrity?! I am a Pats fan and I will tell you flat out this team is going to go back to the bottom of the NFL for 2 or 3 seasons minimum after trading the future franchise QB and treating Belichick the way they treated Parcells. I’m just enjoying the ride while it lasts.

5:37 PM

Much like any philosophical position, you’re bound to find yourself arguing against the better interests of yourself simply due to the wide net most philosophical positions cast in terms of moral culpability.

2:28 PM

For now, all eyes are on Bitcoin Cash while other tokens are seeing dives. If it turns out that insider trading was involved at Coinbase, users will likely have to scream their outrage into the void until some type of regulation for the market is set in stone. Read more

5:54 PM

I can’t wait for Northern Kentucky to bounce Kansas from the dance this year, only to lose by 30 against an 8/9 seed.

3:15 PM

I really like Romo, but the broncos could compete for longer with Tygod. He’s younger, is not really all that bad, and having a team with actual talent surrounding him could conceivably lead to him taking the next step to becoming a Very Good QB.

1:55 PM

Cicilline is a twat. This is the definition of the pot calling the kettle black. Before running for Congress he saddled Providence with a 110 million dollar deficit, lied to the people who live here, and then deflected the criticism by blaming his forebears and the media. He’s basically Gay Trump.