Mar 2

Specifically, it’s going to be a plurality for Bernie Sanders, and these behind-the-scenes shenanigans will be used as additional justification to choose Biden anyway, who will then go on to lose to Trump, who will destroy human civilization in his second or third term. Oh well.

Feb 26

I’m skeptical about any form of voter predictability/turnout because I was alive in 2016.

Feb 24

Hi Jim,

First time, long time here. Just really want to share from the bottom of my heart the following: Fuck you and the Deadspin killing horse you road into town on. 

Jan 16

Yea, Trump and his entire family of larvae couldn’t spot a good bespoke to save their goddamn lives. Daddy Trump thinks he knows tailoring and looks like a bag of meat stuff in a trashbag. Trump Jr has a pear shape thing he tries to hide terribly with a chest cut that shows you the tailor loathes him. Eric is one step Read more

Jan 16

Warren has been tagged a “liar” by the GOP for a while now. Any story on Fox is accompanied by dozens to hundreds of people calling her a liar. Read more

Jan 13

I just want to understand the causes of the crashes. If speed isn’t the primary driver then correlating a speed increase to a crash increase is bad statistics. 

Jan 13

Police did not identify speed as a primary factor in any of the 14 fatal crashes on 75 mph freeways in 2018 Read more

Jan 7

I was diagnosed with mets dec 31st last week, after eight years cancer free. I know I should feel sorry for her, but I’m just scared for myself

Jan 2

I wonder if the reason the media is selling this “Warren has no plan for how to pay for ____ (fill in the blank with whatever)!!!” crap is that they don’t want to even suggest in anything less than a hateful, “We could NEVER!!!” sort of way that taxing the rich far more (which is what actually made much of the US Read more

Dec 31

I’m glad he was fired, because that’s some crazy (and stupid) shit, but it’s sad that lying on McDonald’s gets you fired in zip-point-shit days, while killing someone puts you on administrative leave for a little while.

Dec 31

Everybody knows that only Starbucks employees have enough balls to actually do this.

Dec 26

I'm a one issue voter. I'm for whoever will stop putting brown kids in concentration camps. That this could happen today makes me extremely pessimistic about our country's future.

Dec 24

The correct answer will always be Graham Hill. He could be an actor, painter, or magician. It doesn’t matter. It’s glorious: