So the help has an opinion on what a couple of royals should do. I’m sure they’ll all take that into account. Read more

Dear dumbass: she doesn’t represent the American people; she represents the people of her congressional district. Read more

First, and most importantly, fuck this misogynistic asshole. Read more

Also, if there is the ability to share your creations with other players, that means that after, like, a week folks will have made unofficial versions of the entirety of the NCAA. Read more

The only remotely positive spin you can put on the 3/5 Compromise is that it limited slave-state power in the House of Representatives. They wanted slaves counted as population in the census, thus getting slave-states extra representatives on the backs of people who couldn’t vote because they were property. Read more

The problem is not that Ivanka didn’t realize she had better things to do - she had no better things to do. Her clothing brand was basically designs stolen from other, better companies. All she has is her name, so she went all-in and now that name is an albatross around her neck. It’s not like going by Kushner will be Read more

His defense is he was “just following orders.” Read more

I’ll tell my grandchildren they really need to learn to use punctuation. Read more

If only the hotel and Uber had some kind of record of who she is. Read more

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The BBC’s “Grand Prix: The Killer Years” is as fascinating as it is horrifying. Apparently it’s on Amazon Prime as well as Dailymotion.

I’m confused as to why this hasn’t happened yet. Read more

I absolutely LOVE that two of the women he and the other fascists hate with a passion called his bluff. Read more

So he’s protesting not being able to go anywhere and being forced to wear a mask by...going somewhere without a mask. He might as well yell “HELP HELP I’M BEING REPRESSED” while no one with any authority or power is anywhere near him. Read more

His mouth breathing moronic followers are going to find out that he’s broke. Read more

McConnell, calling him the “the first one off the ship” Read more

So, a snowflake doesn’t want reality to intrude into an article (marked as an editorial by the way) about a game set in a recent historical period. And wants the review of that game, one that includes a political figure, to avoid politics. Read more

Selena Gomez says she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Read more

Actual news has been indistinguishable from the Onion for several years now. Read more

A company you’ve never heard of provides a “free” app that routes your data through their servers? No way that could go badly. Read more

Fredo will cheat on her just like he did his wife. Read more