Jul 7

Haven’t seen it for Universal.  So - might want to go ahead and stage that.  Maybe you can start a trend!

Jul 7

I already feel bad for the minimum-wage earning teens who will just have to stand there and take the abuse from an entitled asshole screaming about personal liberty and how this is all just a ploy for Disney to sell masks.

Jul 7

Prepare for a wave of cell phone videos of people losing their shit in Disney World due to the mask requirement.

Aug 10 2019

Movies don’t kill people. Assault rifles wielded by right wing extremists kill people.

Mar 29 2019

I’m not familiar with him but damn...hes got the handsome part down pat. 

Oct 22 2018

What an awesome Episode of Who. Seriously, I’m having trouble articulating how absolutely perfect this one was. This is the Vincent and the Doctor of Chibnall’s run, but better. Read more

Jul 25 2018

Can’t wait for when we actually get some footage for this, Locke and Key was an amazing comic.

Apr 20 2018

I can’t count the number of times my depressed teen self cried to It Can’t Rain All the Time.

Apr 20 2018

Bingo. C’mon, I remember that detail and it’s been years upon years. I think murdered GF was organizing the tenants too. 

Sep 24 2017

If this fails, you’ll probably never see another Star Trek show again. That’s not enough of a reason to be okay with shelling out for CBS AA, I’ll concede (although I did without a second thought. $2 an episode isn’t exactly breaking the bank and unfortunately, this is a model ALL the networks are going to end up Read more

Jun 15 2017

Kevin Smith is a really nice guy and a decent human being who is passionate about a lot of things and has fun making movies and podcasting for a living. Take or leave his work as you please but Kevin Smith can’t be rated highly enough.