Sep 15 2016

You guys are right, we should definitely ignore science and go back to the way dinosaurs used to look before they were ruined by it.

Jul 21 2016

For some reason I was expecting a cover of Romeo Void’s Never Say Never.

Jul 19 2016

The fourth installment of a series of movies about giant robots that fight giant monsters is being held up by a giant monster. We apologize for the delay.

Mar 29 2016

I was gonna say it looks like an armored version of the TMNT van.

Mar 24 2016

Nice choices! I’ve not heard of some of these, so I’ll have to give them a spin. I like the honorable mentions as well. I’d probably have tossed in Red Alert 2, Master of Orion 2, Galatic Civilizations 2, Supreme Commander, Starcraft and Brood Wars, Master of Magic. I would have bumped Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri to #1 Read more

Mar 22 2016

Why the hell is he sign of the cross a canned action? Are there no Jews or atheists or Buddhists (or other Muslims) that fight? That seems immensely idiotic