Jul 24

The front 1/4 views are lovely. The back 1/4 view is horrendous. This weird ledge and bulge are ungainly.

Jul 23

It’s a textbook OE play. Offer the MT, but not in all trims or with all engines (and normally only with the shittier of the choices). No one buys it. Then shrug shoulders and say - well that take rate is terrible, that was dumb, we won’t do that again. Read more

Jul 23

Torch, you’re gonna be to China what David Hasselhoff is to Germany. 

Jul 9

But you can give those people reasonable advice without giving information that is blatantly false.

Jul 9

Well, with those awful vinyl non-sport seats, the sensible thing to do is swap in some leather sport seats. I'd do that, no questions asked.

Jul 9

It’s hilarious when you read all of the posts saying that this is “only worth $2k.” It’s like they haven’t’ shopped for used cars in two decades. Read more

Jul 9

It does contain coolant passages, which is absurd. Thankfully the electric water pump makes it easy to re-bleed the system when you’re done. Do a little dance with the start button and throttle pedal and it wooshes away.

Jul 9

$4k !?!? That’s at least half the price I see for any similar ones going for. Total NP even with the future clutch replacement. Ad is gone already, not surprisingly.
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Jul 9

The 3 series is great fun with the 3L I6 and a MT.  These cars are supposed to be the last of the true analog BMWs.  These cars handle so well, and with 230 hp on tap, won’t be slow either.  Being 6'5, this car is not for me.  But its clearly a NP. 

Jul 9

Straight six, manual, two door sport coupe? Even at the mileage and with a clutch replacement in the budget, it’s a certified driver’s car deal at $4,000.

Jul 7

Commenter over there complaining about it having physical buttons. WTF? Who wants more touchscreen, especially in a rig that you’re gonna have the doors off getting dust, dirt, and mud everywhere?

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