Aug 7

One time her mother was visiting production when Maslany was playing one of the clones that wasn’t Sarah (who looked the most like her IRL), and asked someone when Tatiana was going be back on set. HER OWN MOTHER FORGOT THEY WERE ALL THE SAME ACTRESS 

Aug 7

“Orphan Black" was one of the best shows on TV for its entire run, if only for Maslany's performance(s).

Aug 7

100% correct. Subsequent seasons dropped some of the weird transhuman stuff (dudes with pig tails) and made the world feel more grounded, but it really really took off with the dynamic developing between the sisters in later seasons.

Aug 7

I want to argue against s1 of Orphan Black being the best season, because later seasons redeemed my beloved Helena & included the most sweet/ creepy sister reunion ever. But s1 had incredible impact that the show never quite recaptured & probably was the best

Aug 6

Looking forward to it! I gotta wonder, though, how long it’ll be until we get a guest star from one of the main series - it being animated means that real-life age differences don’t matter. Read more

Aug 3

the utterly stupid thing is that it will get international release. about 3 minutes after the end of the first airing. But instead of providing a legitimate avenue for purchase, creators let themselves get tied into distribution deals that, in the age of the internet, are still based on fucking geography. No one who Read more

Aug 1

“Oh no he didn’t wash his hands.  He’s getting in the car...  Why didn’t you wash your hands??? OMG THE INTERIOR OF THAT CAR IS SO CLEAN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WASH YOUR HANDS!!!” -my brain

Jul 27

This is just one of literally billions of weird edge cases that autonomous car boosters are currently pretending don’t exist. We can get to Level 4 autonomy without handling these problems, but I honestly think Level 5 will require something like genuine intelligence to make happen.

Jul 20

Err, yeah, I mean you can definitely draw new comparisons as AKIRA being about the future of the world but the film is absolutely not shy about its pretext being the bombing of Hiroshima/Nagasaki, the American Occupation (and the Japanese government’s collusion in keeping secret any wrongdoings), and the failure of

Jul 19

Maybe banthas have ineffective digestive systems. On first pass, they don’t digest all the nutrients available in their food. Coprophagia and rumination are real things in real-world animals, and it’s possible banthas need to do it too, but never evolved the rumen and supporting systems. Read more