May 27 2017

Things got away from me a bit, but here’s my photo gallery from the World Rallycross Event at Belgium. Read more

May 16 2017

I was going to try to post to opposite-lock, but it turns out I have no idea what I’m doing. So here I go talking into the void: Read more

Oct 11 2012

So I'm going to Liege, Belgium for work next week, and I wanted to try to get over to the Nurburgring on my day off. Was thinking I could rent a car in Liege, drive there, do a lap or four, and drive back. Any problems with that plan? Anyone have tips about going to the Ring?

Jul 2 2012

I just read an article that said "If you have information on these wheels and tires, tell us in the comments," and it had zero comments and no way to make any. Read more